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Film And Cinema Essay

355 words - 2 pages

Film and Cinema Checkpoint

Art 101

Kristal Gardner

6, October 2010

The distinction of film and popular cinema can be found in the reasons that each was “created.” Both can be used for documenting what one sees and feels however there is a difference in the way that people chose to use the different aspects.

Film has been widely used as a documentation of events; wars, economic crisis, natural disasters, etc. Film has also been used over dramatize cinematic movies, such as Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho. This was ...view middle of the document...

There were many new technologies developed in film to help intrigue the audience, the flashback (which is used in many movies with regularity), cross-cutting, where the director moves back and forth between two events in the film, and continues to do so in shorter and shorter sequences until the back and forth becomes furiously paced. Film may be considered by many to be more artistic than popular cinema.

Popular cinema is used for entertainment purposes. Popular cinema movies will have a story to unfold before them so that they may be caught up in what is happening to the characters. One of the all time best cinema productions as seen by many people is Citizen Kane by Orson Wells. Another well known cinema production is Gone with the Wind, this movie in itself used a lot of new ideas in film, the director, William Cameron Menzies knew the production would require much work prior to the actual filming and therefore he made several story boards for each scene during the entire movie.


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