File Management Essay

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File Management

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File Management
File management and file systems are a core part of the user experience for most users. They provide many essential and necessary functions for the user as well as almost anyone else working with a computer system. They provide anything from long term existence to the ability to create and delete stored data.
Some of the benefits to the user are long term existence, the ability to be shared between processes and structure. Long term existence is an important aspect because it can be stored and recalled in the future. Imagine being stuck in the days the original Nintendo for example. You could play a game and get deep into game play but if you didn’t have time to finish the game you had to start all over again. This was due to the fact that there was no file system built in due to the fact a storage device was not available for the system. This is one of the great things about ...view middle of the document...

File systems allow for the creation of files which means you can add new files to the system. The ability to create new files allows for the ability to organize and structure programs or data. This can allow for more complex structures. You can also delete files which allows you to remove old
File Management
or unwanted files which helps to keep the system clean as well as prevent issues between old files and updated versions of those files. A good thing to think about as well if you couldn’t delete file is that your computer would quickly run out of space due to all the clutter involved with the old unwanted or unneeded files. Another function is the ability to open files making it possible for programs to share files or for you to be able to access files. This function goes back to “file sharing” among the many programs within an operating systems provided the right permissions are made available to the outside program. There is also the ability to close files as well. This function allows software to stop using a file when it is no longer needed by that particular program. Without this function it would be like having a car with no brakes and a stuck gas petal, at some point you have to stop and no longer use the gas petal. The ability to read a file is also a function that is very important because without it your computer would basically become a paperweight. I would not be able to read a file so no action would take place. The last function is the ability to write a file which is an extremely important function. It allows you to add to or replace existing files. This function is integral to the development and maintenance of a program or OS because it allows you to fix issues that were not caught during initial software development or add features to an existing program. If we couldn’t write it could make the user experience difficult. If you installed a program and it had glitches you wouldn’t be able to fix it. You would either just stop using it or put up with it and most people don’t really want to just put up with software issues.

File Management
In the end file systems and file management are at the core of not only the user experience but also the programs within an OS. They manage files and allow for many of the functions and benefits that most users take for granted.

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