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Fidel Castro Essay

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There are many views that people have of Cuba’s Fidel Castro. Castro is a figure with opinions on both ends of the spectrum. While he is not worldly popular at this point in his life, he was immensely beneficial to his country. Fidel Castro, leader of Cuba for the past 50 years may not be viewed in the best light, but he did phenomenal things for his people which makes him one of the most undervalued and overlooked political figures.
Fidel Castro Ruz was born in Biran, Cuba on August 13, 1926 (Britannica, 2014). Born into a middle class sugar farm owning family, Castro grew up relatively affluent but his origins pointed to anything but a revolutionary career. “I was born into a family of ...view middle of the document...

Castro ended up graduating from law school at the University of Havana in 1950 (Geyer, 1991).
During that time the President of Cuba was Carlos Prio Socarras, but on March 10, 1952 former president Fulgencio Batista (1040-1944) led a group of military officers to overthrow the president. (Sweig, 2013) Batista quickly reasserted himself back into power as the dictator of Cuba. There were strong political oppositions as some wanted to remove Batista through political means while other believed violence was a perfect solution to end his reign. At this point Castro began to organize a rebellion against the Batista dictatorship. It is also good to note that the Batista dictatorship was backed by the United States of America (Sweig, 2013). On July 26, 1953 Castro organized an attack on the Moncada Barracks (2nd largest military unit). 135 rebels went against the Batista military unit, in which the result a government victory that forced the rebels to retreat (Castro, 2009). More than 60 rebels on Castro’s side were killed during the attack. Castro as well as two dozen other rebels were captured, tried, and imprisoned. (Geyer, 1991). Castro’s prison sentence was originally supposed to be 15 years but in May 1955, as a result of a public campaign he and his comrades in the attack were granted amnesty after 22 months (Castro, 2009).
Fidel displayed such honest enthusiasm in fighting for what he and his people believed. His speeches were known to inspire the country and his actions were sure to provide a tool for motivating a constructive change (Dubois, 1959) Maybe one of the most notable leadership theories presented through Fidel Castro’s phase to presidency is the importance of leader to member relations. In his fight against Batista, Fidel used his clever tactics to let his supporters know they were in it together whereas Batista was known to order people to do as they were told in a slave-like manner (Dubois, 1959). Fidel enjoyed the support and loyalty of his group members and could depend and rely on them, so these members would do their best to comply with his wishes and directions.
Shortly after being released from prison, in July 1955 Castro went to Mexico. In Mexico he began to organize a guerrilla voyage to Cuba for a violent uprising against Batista authority (Castro, 2009). On December 2, 1956 Castro, joined by 81 other revolutionaries (which included big names such as Che Guevara, and Jesus Montane), reached the Cuban cost. (Castro, 2009). For the next two years Castro helped the Rebel Army organize their forces throughout the entire island. Here is a timeline of events during the two years during the rise of the rebellion (Frank, 2013):
* 1957 January 17, Castro's guerrillas score their first success by sacking an army outpost on the south coast, and started gaining followers in both Cuba and abroad.
* 1957 March 13, University students mount an unsuccessful attack on the Presidential Palace in Havana.
* 1957 May 28,...

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