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Fictional Product Essay

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AstroCleaner, Inc.
Product Description:
AstroCleaner (AC) is an all-purpose cleaning agent to be used on turf and astro turf fields for any sport which is played on these. When a lot of people hear turf fields they only associate it with football; however, soccer, field hockey, lacrosse are just some other options as well. The product is a foam solution that will be sprayed on the entire field to completely sanitize it and remove blood, sweat and germs, which cannot be flushed away the same way a grass field would allow. The foam solution will allow for easy and simple distribution over the entire surface.
It can either be sprayed directly from the can in which it comes or added to a water solution which can be dispersed with a hose. AstroCleaner works ...view middle of the document...

With more than 1,000 turf fields in Massachusetts alone the need for AstroCleaner is there. The target market will be anyone who has a turf or astro turf field related to sports. From highschools, colleges, semi-pro teams to professional teams. AstroCleaner will be sold business-to-business primarily, since very few private have access to an independent owned turf field. Initially (the first one, maybe two years), the focus will be on Massachussets and the rest of New England and to create a customer base; however, a national distribution is possible, with areas in California, Florida, Georgia, and Texas as the next goal. (The number of turf fields in those states are higher than average).
Product Distribution:
AstroCleaner will have sales representatives in the New England area, which will display the products abilities; however, the primary method of sales will be online. This is for two reasons; 1) No store space will have to be rented or bought, and 2) Since the primary target group is businesses, there will be no benefit from a brick and mortar store. The internet is widely sufficient to display the product abilities via online videos and pictures.
There will initially be two primary products. The first is a bulk size package to be used for the basic coating of the field. The second is a small scale aerosol spray can, which is for instant spot cleaning. The bulk size package, or AstroCleaner TotalCare will be sold for $599. The AstroCleaner InstantRemoval Spray Can will be sold for $59.99. The TotalCare will last between 3 and 6 months, which should be more than enough to cover the entirety of a season. The InstantRemoval will have about 20 uses, depending on the size of the task in hand.

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