Fiction Part 2 More Than Skin Deep Appearance Vs Reality

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Joanne’ H. Mullins
Phase 2 DB #2 Literature: A Reflection of Life
Colorado Technical University
Instructor Professor Eric Wright
LITR201 1503A 01 Phase 2 DB #2 Fiction Part 2 More Than Skin Deep Appearance vs Reality

1. How do you think Nea feels about her sister Sourdi based on this information? How does what s at the beginning of the story foreshadow what happen. later?
In May-Lee Chia story “Saving Sourdi “tells the story of two sisters who were very close and the youngest (Nea) felt she had to save her sister (Sourdi). Nea is the narrator of the story and it ...view middle of the document...

Sourdi would have told all the interesting things that happen to her and probably would have only mention Nea as her little sister who was over protective. As I was reading the story, I could feel as if I was there with Nea and wanted to help her protected her sister at the age of eleven. There was a closeness that I felt with the Nea that I would not have felt if the story was told by a third party. Nea kept the attention of the reader by referring to pass situations that happen in their life even if she never remembered the situation.
3. Nea briefly mentions an experience she and Sourdi had in a minefield when they were younger. What impact do you think this had on the relationship between the sisters?
Nea refuses to change and realize that she and Sourdi are at war, Nea wishes for things to remain the same. Sourdi is all grown up; she has different ways to experience life, and takes life as it comes. Nea cannot forget the little girl crossing the minefields on her sisters back, they were inseparable. Nea has the idea that everything is under her control, and that her sister is totally devoted to her. Nea wants to keep her sister so she sets out to destroy her marriage, but realized that Sourdi is never coming back and she has to let go in the end she says, “I wished I was a Naga. I would have swallowed the whole world in one gulp. But I have no magic powers. None whatsoever “(p. 96).
4. Nea’s family is not originally from the United States. What are some clues the author gives to describe the origin of their ethnicity? Give 2 examples of characters who say things that are racially offensive, and discuss how this makes you feel about those characters. Can you relate to these experiences?
The clues the author gives to describe the origin of their ethnicity was made in the statement on page 84 where Nea was describing where she and Sourdi would run away too one-day. “We’d go to California to see the stars. Paris. London. Cambodia even, to light incense for the bones of our father.” (p. 84).
The two examples that might be considered as racially offensive would be:
(81 – 82)The men had been growing louder, until they were our only customers, and, finally, one of them staggered up an put his arm across Sourdi’s shoulders. He called her his “China doll,” and his friends hooted at this. “China Doll” is referred to as that lovely glass like porcelain dolls which are treasured as heirlooms. Then there is the “China Doll”, that is a racial stereotype often applied to young Asian women or little girls, who in different ways are perceived as delicate, lotus-like(fair), exotic, submissive, and obedient. There are a lot of things that are said that can be very offensive.
(93)He figured people in the neighborhood would know; just ask where the Oriental family lived. I told him to go to hell. Then we didn’t talk for a while. The word Oriental is a no way, because it should not be used unless you are referring to some type of objects, such...

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