Federal Reserve Critism Essay

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Biology Test 3
Chapter 23 Animals 1: Major Invertebrate Groups

23.1 old genes new drugs
* Vertebrates – an animal that has a back bone
* Mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, and fish
* Invertebrates – an animal that does not have a back bone
* More than 97%
* Cone snails (genus Conus) found in warn nearshore waters of South Pacific, patterned shells, they are predators and produce venom.
* Produce a pain killing drug call ziconotide (prialt), unlike morphine it is non addictive.
23.2 animal traits and trends
* Animals – multicelled heterotrophy with unwalled cells. Most ingest food and are motile during at least part of the life cycle.
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* Pseudiciekin – unlined body cavity
* Tape worm
* Coelom – body cavity lined with tissue derived from mesoderm.
* Segmentation – a division of a body into similar units repeated one after the other along main axis.
23.3 animal origins and early radiations
* The colonial theory of animal’s origins says that the first...

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