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Federal Gov Essay

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Federal Government

Practical politics are as old as the beginning of time.
1) Practical politics are about trying to make people do what they want to do.
a. George Washington Plunckit senator of Tammany Hall, named after a chief Indian. He believed in honest graft” and meant that he would be able to take a little bit of the wealth from the people.
b. Kick back scheme is about giving out contracts and then they give money of the government money back to the person to the beginning.
c. Niccolo Machiavelli “The Prince” 15, 16 century and condemned by the Catholic Church. Nic and Machiavelli was used by shakespear and the Nick-name was ...view middle of the document...

iii. Social science list of items, which combined, generate a statistic.
iv. Robert Putman Bowling Alone, talks about americans that don’t participate any more is because social is trust and isolation is the greatest.
v. Francis Fukuyana “trust” writes that japan is a very lost trust society.
Senator John Allen called a Makaka, to an Indian. French colonial people called the Indians that, and that was a derogative name.
France and England, you’d get prison and heavy fines that would damage race relations.


Third Approach to Politics and Government.
“political science”
1) one of the “social sciences and these include;
a. political science
b. economis
c. cultural anthropology
They all attempt to make the study of human behavior on the natural science.
Marx Weber,
Emile Durkheim
Wertfrei – science is “value free”, it excludes consideration of ho
Rigorous quantities methods, careful experiment and observation.

Larry Summers, Harvard president said that women were ok at math and that bad and great are about equal, and the feminists thought that was a little uncalled for, and then fired. One of theirs jumped in his place.

Three types of political Power or Right
1) Sovereignty – the supreme power in a given territory is the sovereign. The regime is the type of sovereign. Conflict war
2) Legitimacy – the right to rule
Legitimacy dispute revolt revolution or the right of an office.
3) Authority – or body of officials to USA authority disputes use force in a certain way
Four types of Regimes
1) Autocratic – Mao’s China 1949. Castro’s Cuba, Syria, Saddam’s Iraq.
2) Pluralistic
3) Monarchial
4) Republican.
1) Should be permanent or very slow to change
2) Divide power among many establishing pluralism
3) (American) Bills of rights

Porfilio Diaz
* developed the rail roads, road and highways during his power of 6 terms in Mexico. Developed the oil refineries in Mexico City.
Lee Kwan Yoo
* The right of national self-determination.
* Sovereignty – the supreme power in a given territory is the sovereign. The regime is the type of sovereign (First type of political power or Right)
* The right of self-government. Right to consent to form of government right to consent to takes or refuse pay takes
* Right to be free of government authority in certain aspects.

Jefferson’s Cyclical Theory of Revolution
* the people periodically will take back the period back to them selves.
* Sovereign People of a state Delegate authority to a government by ratifying a constitution, and then creating its legitimacy.
* Legitimate Government. The government will become corrupt over time, will abuse the people and pass laws that are harmful to the people. ...

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