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Feasibility Study About Pastry Shop Essay

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Although the economy is quite good, but when observed that the business in the food and beverages continues to grow continuously, because food is one of the four factors that need to consume for daily life. Food is very essential for us. It is our need in order for us to live. There are many kinds of food that best suit on our taste buds.
Pastry is a major type of bakers' confectionery. It includes many of the various kinds of baked products made from ...view middle of the document...

Pastry Shop will be established or build for the purpose of introducing the unique concept and tastes of pastries like cakes, cookies, muffins, creams, tea’s, etc. where one could find relaxation and fulfillment. It could also be a good place for students and employees who find themselves pressured from their studies and works, because Pastry Shop will gave you satisfactory foods that will relax your mood. It also offers refreshing drinks and good accommodation that will also assure that guests or customers will be satisfied with the service.
Nowadays life is full of rush, it is very quick and people are lack of time to have a normal home-made food. Pastry Shop will offer to the visitors a great variety of sweets, such as cakes, cookies and muffins. All the cakes, muffins, cookies will be cooked with home-made technology, and the design of the shop going to be relaxing, comfortable and cozy, so our customers will feel themselves like at home. The researcher seeks to study a pastry shop in the locality of City of Mati, Davao Oriental. Pastry shop is going to be situated almost in the center of the city. It will bring good revenue. Also in the center of the city there are always a lot of people.

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