Feasibility Of Used Cooking Oil And Charcoal For T Shirt Printing

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Research Topic: Used cooking oil and charcoal as an alternative in for t-shirt printing.


    • To know if used cooking oil and charcoal is capable for t-shirt printing.

    • To see if you can make use of used cooking oil and charcoal as an ink.


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                              |on the t-shirt, then it is capable for t-shirt |
|                                               |                                               |printing.                                       |
|You cannot use used cooking oil and charcoal as|You can make use of used cooking oil and       |If used cooking oil and charcoal made the print|
|an ink.                                         |charcoal as an ink.                             |on the t-shirt, then it can be used as an ink. |


  To know if you can use used cooking oil and charcoal as an ink, you must first conduct an experiment about it.

  The first thing you need to do is mix 50 mL of used cooking oil ang 150 grams of crushed charcoal in a bowl with a spoon. Set that aside for 5 minutes. On a table, you should have your plain t-shirt properly laid and lined with newspaper under it. Place your stencil directly above the t-shirt and put the oil ang charcoal mixture on it. Using a squeegee spread evenly the mixture. You should leave it like that for a minute, and then remove the stencil, after removing the stencil, place the t-shirt on a hanger and let it dry for 3 hours.

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