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Feasibility (Economic, Technical, Operational, Scheduling, Legal And Contractual, Political)

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Economic Feasibility
The first step to analyzing the economic feasibility of our proposed project is to determine the Project Benefits. Some of the main tangible benefits that will be realized from the project include error reduction leading to cost reduction and increased productivity due to user-friendliness. Intangible benefits arising from this project will include increase in user confidence as they know there is no chance of major information loss.
The next step is to determine Project Costs. Some of our tangible costs will of course include any costs associated with acquiring additional Hardware or Hardware upgrades such as new or upgraded storage servers (physical or virtualised), Software Costs (in this case, the software we will be ...view middle of the document...

Contrarily, costs such as incremental data storage, new software licenses and system maintenance all fall under the recurring costs category.

Operational Feasibility
The proposed system is very likely to solve the business problems outlined by providing the same type of functionality on a high-level as the current system, only with added security and user-friendliness on the front-end.

Technical Feasibility
In order to avoid the risky factors arise in the project, four attributes will be taken into account which are: project size, project structure, development group, and user group, will. In this project, we get help from senior management who are highly familiar with the project. The project size is large and will be high structure since it changes the way how Adobe used to store data. By the end of the project, it is believed that it will take a bit of time for programmers (users group) to get used to new system.

Legal feasibility
We need to ensure the system compliance with the legislative requirements imposed on adobe and insure that it is complied.

Schedule Feasibility
We need to schedule specific time frame, including time to develop software, time implement software, and time to train employees.

Political feasibility
Stakeholders may stand on the other view for the developing the system. The most concern is that if this new opportunity will harm their benefit. Questions may arise during the process, such as how long is the project, or the ROI. If the stakeholders find out that their benefit may be harmed, they will stop the project.

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