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Luke 1:26-38 FEAR NOT
Intro: Fear has been a part of the human existence since the fall of man in Genesis 3:8-10. Everyone, regardless of how brave they seem, is afraid of something. I, personally, am afraid of heights. Not so much afraid of being of there, because the views are incredible. Not afraid of the fall, because free fall is an exhilarating experience. If I had to define my fear, I would have to say that my fear of heights is really a fear of the sudden stop that awaits me at the bottom of my fall. I say again, everyone is afraid of something. (Snakes, Spiders, Disease, Financial Setbacks, Old Age, Gray Hair, Rejection, Disappointment, Exposure, Being Forgotten, Etc.) Even in the ...view middle of the document...

In other words, it is the overruling watch care and involvement of God in the lives of His people.)
A. V. 26-27 The Calmness Of Mary's Life - When Gabriel appears to Mary, she is probably about 14 or 15 years old. She has probably grown up dreaming the same romantic dreams that girls have dreamed since the dawning of time. Dreams of marriage, home and family. She is even engaged to a man named Joseph and about to be married. According to the text, she has maintained her sexual purity, as well as her spiritual purity. She is living close to the Lord and is living a good life before the Lord. Mary apparently has it all sewed up. A bright future is awaiting her, she has everything for which to live.
B. V. 28-37 The Challenge To Mary's Life - When Gabriel makes His announcement to Mary, her life is immediately turned upside down. Mary is called upon to bear shame, reproach and humiliation for the glory of God. Her's is to be the greatest honor ever afforded to woman, but at the same time it carried with it a tremendous social stigma. (Very much unlike our day!)
(Ill. When our lives do not go as we have planned it is easy to fear that which is unknown. Often, God will allow things to happen in your life and life and mine that are hard to bear and hard to understand, yet the Lord sends them our way so that we might grow in Him and come to know Him in a better way. When these times arise, it is easy to question the Lord and His judgment. It is always easy to question but it is far nobler to comply with the Lord.)
(You see, one inescapable part of being a Christian is the area of cross bearing, Matt. 16:24. No one said such a life was easy, but the end results are worth the trials of this life!)
The secret to surviving the dreadful times is to learn to trust completely in the Lord
C. V. 38 The Consecration Of Mary's Life - Despite the shame that was sure to come her way, despite the humiliation she would bear, Mary was willing to submit her life to the will of the Lord. (Ill. You and I would do well to learn to submit to the will of the Lord in every detail of life. We need never fear the providential hand of God, for He will never do us wrong! Regardless of what may come our way in life, we can rest assured that God is going to use it to get glory to Himself and to help us learn more about Him.)
(Ill. Joseph - He was loved by his father and occupied a special place of privilege in his family. Yet, God allowed Joseph to be sold by his brothers into slavery and to spend the next 13 years in either servitude or prison. However, in the end, God proved that His plan was the right plan and Joseph came out on top of the heap - Gen. 50:20.)
I. Do Not Fear God's Providence
II. Matthew 1:18-25 DO NOT FEAR GOD'S PLAN
The "Fear Not" of immediate obedience!
A. V. 18-19 The Pain Of Joseph's Life - Joseph, like Mary, was on the way to having all that a Jewish man could have asked for in that day. He was about to be married to a pure, righteous Jewish girl....

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