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Favorite Room Essay

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Affordable Care Act
Ketan Narotam

Affordable Care Act
On March 23, 2010 with congressional approval President Barrack Obama signed the Affordable Care Act. The Affordable Care Act is in no doubt one of the most important and key legislation signed by the President. The Affordable Care Act reforms our current health care system and holds insurance companies accountable. The Affordable Care Act also improves our health care system by lowering costs, guarantee choice, and improve the quality of our health care for all Americans. Although, The Affordable Care Act is unpopular among most Americans because they view it as Socialized Medicine (Schoen). I feel that majority of ...view middle of the document...

Another, claim by Republicans is how The Affordable Care Act will have a negative impact on taxes and on the Debt. Conservative Columnist David Blount believes that The Affordable Care Act or Obama Care as some like to call it will increase taxes for anyone with and without health insurance. He also states that Obama Care will increase the debt by one billion dollars (Blount). Another popular claim by Republicans is how The Affordable care will negatively impact small businesses. The Affordable Care Act will have a negative impact on both sole proprietors and smalls businesses with less than 50 employees. Sole Proprietors are expected to pay $95 fee if they refuse to purchase insurance through a state sponsored mandate (Rogers). The Affordable Care Act will also force sole proprietors to purchase health care even if they don’t need it, when they could be spending that money improving their business (Rogers). Small Business owners with less than 50 employees are subject to fees of $2,000 per worker, per year, for not providing insurance to their employees (Rogers). Insurance can typically cost up to $4,000 per-worker, per year (Rogers). Small businesses will not be able to afford the insurance thus will be forced to cut back on costs.
I believe that majority of the claims by Republicans regarding The Affordable Care Act are untrue, and is just a way to undermine the President, and repeal a law that will help millions of Americans. Not only will the Affordable Care will improve our failing health system it will greatly improve: the insurance market, economy, and small businesses. The claim that health insurance premiums rates will go up is false. To reduce insurance premiums, the Affordable Care act will set up a new competitive health insurance market called state exchanges (WhiteHouse). These state exchanges will allow millions of Americans access to the same affordable health care that congress has. Under The Affordable Care Act 94 percent of Americans will be insured (WhiteHouse). The impact the Affordable Care Act will have on the economy will be stupendous. The Affordable Care act is fully paid for (Senate). The claim that this bill will increase taxes is not true at all. The funding for this bill is coming from tax increases that will only affect the one percent super-rich (Richardson). The Affordable Care Act will not increase the debt by One Million Dollars. In fact it will decrease the debt by 188 billion dollars over the course of Ten years (Senate). Not only will the Affordable Care Act make it affordable for Americans to be insured it will greatly impact small businesses in a positive way. The fact that sole proprietors will be taxed if they refuse to purchase health insurance is fallacious. According to the Website Health, employers that have less than 50 Employees are exempt from the mandate. Sole Proprietors will not be taxed instead they will receive a tax credit up to 35 percent if they do decide to buy health...

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