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Fastors Affecting Poor Replenishment Of Office Supplies To The Employees

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Chapter 5: Alternative Courses of Action

1. Make a monthly check of inventory stocks
– the replenishment process would be easy
– it would be easy to know what supplies are needs to change
– it improve the performance of employee because of a good replenishment

– in order to do inventory check an employee must take overtime
– Relying on manual counting of stock, mistakes can be made.
– it would be short-term estimating of inventory supply

2. Prepare a list of items available in the stock room and ask the employees ...view middle of the document...

May not be aware if this item needed to be restocked.

3. Provide a cabinet A and B wherein cabinet A will be open for employees and cabinet B will be lock until cabinet A is not yet consume.
– it prevent to issue an order of supplies immediately
– the inventory of supply will be well monitored
– more efficient and make better to handle the supply (makokontrol na yung supply ng mas better)

– expensive
– employees would abuse to used of inventory supply
– need an additional space for the cabinet B

4. Appoint an employee that will maintain the records of supplies on hand.
– have an exact record and decide what supply will increase
– properly monitoring of inventory supply
– long-term estimating of inventory supply

– human error
– employees would have extra task, so s/he would not focus to another task

5. Redesign the monitoring system
– improve the replenishment process and to be more effective
– performance would increase / upgrade
– resolve the problem

– It’s difficult to adapt for new system
– not sure if this are effective
– time wasted for redesign

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