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Fast food is affordable; being able to upsize a meal for a very minimal fee has made many our kids' gluttons indeed. Good healthful foods cost more money and take more time to prepare, for that reason, In our fast food society, it is often much easier to drive through a McDonald's than it is to cook a meal and eat it. Would you rather get a few vegetables from the market or a whole meal including: four tacos, a soda, and a hamburger for the same price? Fast food meals are not only convenient, they are often very cheap. The fact that fast food is cheap and quick is no coincidence. It is hard to avoid being drowned into the world of fast food. For instance, the ingredients on salty French fires dry you mouth out, so a large coke ...view middle of the document...

Take responsibility and change your life style in order for kids to have a healthier future. This is a valid reason to blame fast food chains for obesity. Unfortunately, cheaper foods are easier to acquire but they lack of nutritional values and are high in calories and fat.
Controlling childhood obesity depends on parental guidance, yet the fast food industry splits the culpability of kids getting overweight. The food industry overall could do substantially more to limit children exposure to food that are unhealthy .For example, there are fast food restaurants virtually around every corner, and the kids have easy access to snack food s full of saturated fats and sugars in their schools. Fast food chains should limit the attractiveness for kids and have the calorie pamphlet handy on every meal of their menus. In addition, obese parents are more likely to have obese children. The reason for this is because obese parents probably pass down their poor habits to their children. It follows that; television and video games are regular activities that help children avoid exercise. When we combine the lack of exercising and the poor choices in food there is high chance that childhood obesity will end up causing a problem for children. As parents you should choose healthier menus in restaurants, make eating enjoyable and healthy by preparing food together as a family. Fast food should be limited and reserved for special occasions. Get kids moving; get them outdoors so they can enjoy having some exercise. Go for long walks, play tag, dance with them! Let's be sure that in a future, when parents will be asked about whom to blame on childhood obesity, the parent can say with a clear conscience that it's not us...

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