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The fashion industry is increasingly becoming a lucrative industry. In Africa alone it is expected to generate about $15bn in the next 4 years (Aderibigbe, 2014).
The fashion industry’s value chain includes activities such as obtaining primary raw materials, producing secondary inputs for designers and apparel producers who have the task of satisfying the final consumer. The benefits that are derived from the fashion industry go as far in the chain as to people involved in agriculture. Fabrics that are used to make clothes, leather for shoes and bags are obtained from farmers. And so success in the fashion industry will mean success for the many farmers who produce these things. Fabric ...view middle of the document...

These designers often set up their own retail outlets in order to sell their designs. Mr. Price is also a retail outlet that produces clothes and sells them. It has retail stores in countries across Africa.
There are some individual Ghanaian designers that have been able to showcase their designs internationally. Ghana, however as a country has failed to become a fashion location that can be compared to the likes of Paris, or South Africa. This can largely be attributed to the fact that there is a shortfall when it comes to international marketing and distribution. This gap in the value chain can be bridged through education. Elaborate and well planned fashion courses designed to teach these aspects of fashion will help develop human resource that can solve these problems. This will satisfy those fashion houses that want international exposure and recognition.
Another challenge that exists in the fashion industry is that of starting a business. In Ghana it is difficult to find the necessary help to start a business. It especially becomes expensive. This can be attributed to the...

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