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Farm Factories Essay

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Farm Factories
“It takes 5,000 gallons of water to produce one pound of meat while growing one pound of wheat takes only 25 gallons”(Go Veg, Wasted Resource). The number of people who want to help the environment is growing but many of them do not know how to give a helping hand. There are many things out there that can be done to help the planet from self destruction, but one of the best ways would be to consider a life of vegetarianism. Farm factories are having many negative impacts on our planet. Farm factories impact the environment from the use of land, water and even the way waste is handle.
Many of the waters are being contaminated by animal waste because many factories chose ...view middle of the document...

More land is being bulldozed then what is being grown and that will only bring more negative affects to the environment. Most of the land that is being demolished is being use to grow crops or to make room to breed more animals. Most of these crops are being used by farm factories to feed the animals. Feeding animals is fine but they are only wasting perfectly good food to feed an animal that will become food it self. Instead of feeding the crop to animal’s people should start to eat the crop themselves because this way there is no need to produce so many crops. If we were to grow fewer crops this would mean that we would not have to clear out so much land.
The most common grain that is being grown in what use to be the forest is soy. Soy is a very rich protein and it is used in foods, oils but 85% of the soy grown is being used to feed animals that are living in farm factories. The demand on soy is growing very rapidly in the past years. Its demand has nearly doubled to 210 million in the past twenty years. Since the demand started to grow so fast there was not enough land to grow all the soy so the fields started to expand and many of them are extending deeper into forest. Since 2003 over, 70,000km² of the Amazon forest has been destroyed to create soy fields.
All the forest land that is being cut down to create more room for farm factories or food for there animals is also taking away homes from many wild animals that once lived there. Sometimes it even leads to the extinctions of animals. It does not stop there, many wild plants that grow in forest are getting even harder to find. Sometimes they move the animals and plants to new land so they won’t be lost when the land is being cut down. The animals and plants that are moved from there home land have a hard time adapting to the new environment.
The years of 1998-2007 ranks the top five warmest years of the United States record. The meat industry is one of the top sources of the greenhouse gases that lead to global warming. Greenhouse gases are gases that trap heat in the atmosphere. The meat industry is the leading source of methane. Methane is another word for animal waste. “Just alone the United States produces 1.4 billion tons of animal waste each year” (Eating for the Environment). Methane is twenty times more powerful then carbon dioxide at trapping in heat.
Temperatures are reaching there highest in many places and this is all adding up to more natural disasters such as flooding, drought,...

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