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Family Health Assess Paper

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Family Health Assessment
NRS- 429V

Family Health Assessment 2
As a nurse, it is vital to remember that the family of the given patient plays a large role in their promotion of health. Family health practices, whether effective or ineffective, encompass activities performed by individuals or families as a whole to promote health and prevent disease (Edellman, 2004). The Gordon’s eleven Functional Health Patterns Assessment is a useful tool in assessing and evaluating the family’s developed health patterns, allowing the health care provider a better look at the overall health of a family as a whole. This allows ...view middle of the document...

” (M. Foster, personal communication, April 17, 2014). The Foster’s were asked about their values regarding religion. They say that religion is a large part of their lives, praying everyday and attending church on Sundays.
Family Health Assessment 3
They reported relying on Jesus in times of need such as being sick or especially when D. Foster lost his job four years ago.
The Foster’s were then asked what their eating habits consisted of. M. Foster is very involved with supporting local farmers and growing her own vegetables in her garden. She raises chickens for eggs and meat and goats for their milk. They are very conscious of the food they buy and ingest. M. Foster cooks dinner every night and they rarely go out to dine. The Foster’s would consider themselves healthy although state they feel they are overweight and desire to lose the weight. When asked about their elimination patterns, they stated that everything feels “normal”, with no changes in their patterns and no problems urinating or having a bowel movement.
The next assessment question asked was regarding sleep. The Foster’s reported they feel they generally do not get enough sleep at night. D. Foster awakens at three am to commute to work, while M. Foster awakens at four am to take care of her animals. They both require short naps in the afternoon/evening in order to have enough energy for the remainder of the day. While neither of them require any sleep aids, they both state they feel “groggy” in the mornings and wish they could get more sleep. M. Foster states that she works out when she has the time, around two to three times a week. D. Foster states he does not exercise and wishes he had the energy and time to do so. They both replied stating that being healthy is important to them, however exercising is not.
The next three topics that were addressed were cognitive, self and sensory perceptions. The Foster’s prefer to learn by demonstration, visually and listening. M. Foster states she often
Family Health Assessment 4
watches Utube videos when wanting to learn new hobbies such as crocheting or baking. Neither of them have any learning, visual, or hearing difficulties. Both replied feeling good about themselves and feel confident in what they do in life. They stated there have been times in the past where they have felt hopeless about their situation given, due to loss of job and the need to move. Generally they are very hopeful and have a positive outlook on life. Overall they present as a very pleasant, warm couple.
As stated before, the Foster’s live by themselves, being that their child has moved out. They are very involved with their church and find that the vast majority of the friendships they carry were developed at their church. For the assessment question regarding their sexuality, they stated they are satisfied. D. Foster stated, “For our age, I think we’re doing pretty good and I have no complaints” (D. Foster, personal...

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