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Family Assessment Essay

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This paper will discuss the Universal Self-Care Requisites, Developmental Self-Care Requisites, and Health Deviation Self-Care Requisites of assessed family according to Orem's Self-Care deficit theory.
Family Profile
This large family consists of eighteen children ages four to seventeen. The father (initials F.B.) is approximately forty years old. He is an Admiral in the United States Coast Guard. The mother (H.W.) is approximately forty years old. She is a self employed as a fashion designer. This is a second marriage for both after their respective spouses died. He brings to the marriage eight children. She brings ten; four of these are her biological children. Six are adopted and are ...view middle of the document...

d. pg 572). Families that have the ability to find solutions to adversity are considered resilient. Some brief characteristics of a health family include: good communication and the ability to listen, support of all family members, respect, trust, shared responsibility, shared traditions and rituals, (Kaakinen, Hanson, Birenbaum, n.d.). The blended F.B, H.W. family demonstrated difficulties with communication and coping. F.B. family was used to being given orders and followed them without questions. H.W. family was used to more open communication and the ability to freely express their feelings. All family members showed signs of stress in trying to get used to organization verses chaos. Financially there were no major problems as both parents worked and were able to support their respective children. One of the biggest problems this family faced was finding a large enough place to live. They moved into a huge, old lighthouse that needed major remodeling. The children, who had very different interests and tastes were now having to share their bedrooms with someone quiet the opposite. The family resorted to strict schedules for bathroom time.
Environmental Characteristics
This family recently moved into a large, converted lighthouse that needed a complete remodel. The children were assigned bedrooms based on gender and age. The bathroom facilities were limited so scheduled times were posted. Hazards include possible lead based paint and general decay of the home. There is little opportunity for quiet, private space with a family this large. The home is in a secluded area. The school district has arranged for a small bus just to pick up these kids.

Associations of the Family with the Community
"The Ecomap form is a visual diagram of the family unit in relation to other units or subsystems in the community", (Kaakinen, Hanson, Birenbaum, n.d. pg 586). This tool is used to help determine where the family is today in relationship to their community but also to show areas the family can access in the future. The model is a large circle representing the family. Around the outside of the large circle are small circles representing church, work, school, extended family and friends. The strength and nature of how the family interacts with these outside forces is demonstrated using different connecting lines. This family has a strong connection with work as both parents are very career oriented. Dad especially is up for a promotion. The connection with school would be tenuous and stressful for the F.B. kids as this is a new school for them. The H.W. children have been attending this school and well established. The other kids in the school are harassing the younger kids because they are from such a large family. F.B. eldest son is running for class president and his eldest daughter is in cheerleading. The line to friends is strong for the adults as they both have ties to the community from their youth. The kids however are just forming...

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