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Fairness Essay

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In his dialogue The Republic, Plato brings to life various historical characters in order to discuss the nature of justice and its use in both collective and individual existence. Roughly speaking, the Greek philosopher divides a hypothetical society into three layers (rulers, guardians and people) and arrives at the conclusion that justice in a society can only be achieved when every member jointly interacts with the others. Early education, he explains, is the key for accurate identification of each member's particular abilities. ...view middle of the document...

I have found that a great number of people mistakenly confound the term "freedom" with "democracy" to the point of making the two terms interchangeable. These concepts are different both in nature and structure. Freedom, for example, is not driven by the notion of equitable distribution of wealth but rather by economic divisions. Those who are richer are more “free” than others with fewer advantages. This is one of the greatest characteristics of our capitalistic way of life. The structure of capitalism is similar to that of a pyramid in which the apex corresponds to those with the greater economic power and the control over those below them. Under close observation we can clearly arrive at the presumption that equitability is not the capitalist concern. When the concentration of wealth is limited to a minority, and when this lesser part in control determines the economic outlook, the system moves closer to an elitist society in which only those on the top take decisions and ultimately create the rules. In this sense, then, fairness is out of the question since it entails the equal distribution of advantages and benefits.

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