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Fair N Lovely Essay

5210 words - 21 pages


Table of Contents
Objective 2
Product Category Definition 2
Fairness Cream Market 3
Competitive Landscape 4
Environmental Analysis 5
Porter’s Five Force Analysis 10
Introduction to the Company and our product “Fair and Lovely” 12
STP Analysis 15
Consumer Behaviour 18
SWOT Analysis 26
Recommendations 27
Bibliography 28

Product Category Definition
Fairness Cream products are a part of the personal care product segment. More specifically, they are a sub-set of the skin care product segment. Given below is the product category map:
Personal Care Products
The product category refers to the products that customers use to enhance or support ...view middle of the document...

S. and European markets.

Male Fairness Cream Market
Male fairness cream products have been the latest addition to the diverse product portfolio being offered by the players in this space. The market size amounting to Rs. 200 Crores, although comparatively small in size, is showing significant growth of 30% annually. The segment is expected to be a significant contributor to the fairness cream market in next 5 years.
Various factors contributing to the growth and trends in the market are described in detail later in the environmental analysis section.
Competitive Landscape
Where is my “Piece of Pie”?
From the beginning of the launch of Fair & Lovely in the 1980s till the beginning of 1999, Fair & Lovely ruled the fairness cream market with more than 90% percent market share. The market size at that time was very small, approximately Rs 400 Crores. But by the beginning of the year 1999, a number of players, domestic and international, started entering and gaining a foothold in the Indian fairness market. CavinKare started this process by introducing its ‘Fairever’ brand. Soon other players followed suit such as ‘Fairglow’ by Godrej and ‘Naturally Fair’ by Emami. Consequently, the market share of Fair and Lovely started dropping such that today, it commands only about 70% percent market share. Today, the total fairness market is worth about 2000 Crores, with women’s segment at 1800 Crores at men’s segment at 200 Crores.

Environmental Analysis
In this section, we are going to analyse various environmental factors that affect/impact the market and our focus company, and shape their current and future prospects.
Macro-Environmental Factors
Various macro-economic factors that impact the industry have been analyzed below:
Political and Legal Environment
* FDI Regulations: As per the FDI Policy of 2010, any foreign company is not allowed to invest in multi-brand retail trading business in India. The major players in the personal care sector are the one’s which have been working on the retailing format in the foreign markets and have majority sales through these outlets in the markets.
Since foreign players are prohibited from having multi-brand outlets, the Companies will have to work through strong distribution channels via marketing intermediaries rather than entering into direct retailing in India to build their sales.
* Taxes/ Subsidies: The sector is subject to the following taxes:-
* Excise Duty – For long the government has placed the personal care sector as a luxury sector in India which attracts a higher excise duty @10% as against the other consumer goods being at 8%.
* Value added Tax – Moreover, the sector has been subject to a value added tax of 12.5%
The higher taxation results in the pressure of increased cost on the industry.
Economic Environment
* Global recession and impact on India: The world economy had sunk into a depression in the midst of year 2007 and continues to be recovering...

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