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Factory Farms Vs To Build A Fire

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Life’s Flawless Fallacies
In today’s society, many of us do not always use our common sense, let alone our imagination in day to day situations. Some people make senseless decisions based off of their own experiences, thoughts, or pride. When you are unsuccessful in realizing the possible dangers and outcomes of certain situations, you could end up in big trouble. In the following paragraphs you will read about a story written in 1910 and how it compares to today’s animal cruelty in the food production industry.
Jack London wrote a short story about pure foolishness and the consequences of failing to snap to reality. The story is called “To Build a Fire”. It is about a nameless man who ...view middle of the document...

At this point, he’s become desperate because the reality of death is setting into his bones…along with the frost. Unfortunately, he cannot get another fire going so he ends up just running, running until he can’t run anymore, until all feeling in his arms and legs is gone. His journey ends as he lies down in the snow and falls asleep…forever. Hopefully, you’ve realized his folly. He thought he could conquer nature and control it.
When it comes to factory farms, the animals are not always treated as they should be. From birth, any animal should be treated with compassion and respect but unfortunately for factory animals, they get just the opposite. For example, with the beef industry, since there are hundreds and thousands of cows that need to be raised, there isn’t always a sufficient amount of room for all of them. This leads the animals’ lack of muscle growth, increased risk of injury, and shortened lives. Many farms execute operations on the animals without any sort of anesthetic or painkiller. On top of that, they do not receive any veterinarian treatment either. On the ASPCA website, it states that “Over 99% of farm animals in the U.S. are raised in factory farms, which focus on profit and efficiency at the expense of the animals’ welfare.” Basically what that’s saying is that they are going to do whatever it takes to get people the food they want as fast and as cheap as they possibly can. The owners of these companies are either ignoring the damaging consequences, such as risk to not only the animals health but also humans, or are simply too ignorant. While these companies are wasting huge quantities of valuable resources and fossil fuels, they are also contributing to the dangerous pollution to the communities around them from their run off waste. No one is trying to prevent hazardous situations from happening; no one is using their common sense, which brings us back to Jack London’s story. The man’s lack of imagination of death mirrors the company’s lack of imagination of what they’re truly doing to these animals. Also, they are putting consumer health at risk with their unkept, untidy, filthy farm grounds.
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