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Factors Contributing To Workplace Violence Essay

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1) What are the pros & cons of the recommendations being suggested by the researcher?
One of the recommendation given by the researcher is both employer and employee have legal responsibilities in ensuring the safety at work is established and practice. One of the advantage is that the employer and employee can work together to create a better environment in the workplace such as improving the cleanliness of the workplace, improve the air ventilation if the office is very humid which can cause stress among the workers and violence in workplace. For example, by decorating the office in a nice environment or playing soft music at workplace will help to reduce stress. As for the disadvantages ...view middle of the document...

2) What do you think is THE best solution? Justify your answer.
Workplace violence could cause many negative impacts to an organization such as lack of teamwork, low productivity, low motivation and low performance among staff. Thus, organization should implement some solution to prevent happened of workplace violence. Organization can conduct workplace violence training to create awareness on workplace violence among employees. Organization also can demonstrate type of violence such as verbal threats, physical action, frustration & obsession during training.

Besides, organization can provide a channel for employee to report on workplace violence. Many employees may fear & scare to report to management after being bully because they feel insecure with unfair decision make by management. Especially cases on organization decision maker abuse their power and sexual harassment. Thus, organization also should ensure their solution for workplace violence should be fair to each parties.

Moreover, organization should strengthen pre-employment screening on...

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