Factors Affecting The Reading Comprehension Of Fourth Year High School Students

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Moreover, Tzeng (1999) explained in his study “Optimizing Challenges and Skills in the Design of an Educational Computer Game and Exploring Adolescents’ Gaming Beliefs” that previous studies indicate that computer-assisted instruction (CAI) programs have important factors that can motivate, challenge, increase curiosity and control, and promote fantasy in children.
Despite the fact that computer and video games gave the same multimedia capability as CAI programs, Begg et. al. (2005) stressed in their study “Game-Informed Learning: Applying Computer Game Processes to Higher Education” that their potential learning impact is often discounted by parents and educators. Recently, computer-based ...view middle of the document...

According to the findings, today’s children are starting to be exposed to technologies and media at a much younger age than previously thought.
Therefore, educators’ investigations become critical concerning the impact of technologies and media on children’s development. This study investigates two main questions: (1) Can computer-based video games be instructional tools in early childhood education? (2) Should instructional strategies be modified to fit into young children’s media experience?
According to Provenzo (1991) stated in his study “Making Sense of Nintendo” that most previous research studies related to computer-based video games focused on the discussions of psychological study and child behavior.
In psychological study conducted by Johnson et. al. (1999) “Play and Early Childhood Development” have research results that indicated that video games can promote hand-eye coordination, visual scanning, auditory discrimination, and spatial skills.
For child behavior, Funk (2010) “Children and Violent Video Games: Are there “high risk” Players?” showed some evidences that violent video games may raise children’s aggressive play and violent behaviors.
B. Local
According to Santos et. al. (2010) in their research entitled “Effects of Computer Addiction to the Students of Quezon City Polytechnic University”, computer games are easy and very fun to play. In fact, there are some people who did not do their grades because of this. Those things were currently increasing the number of overweight students moreover, hindering their youth social skills.
Palaña et. al. (2009) in their research entitled “The Effects of Computer Addiction to the Academic Performance of Mapua Institute of Technology First Year Students” have shown that 11 out of 16 students were considered as computer addicts. These students have an average of four hours per day in front of computer.
According to Lacanilao (2009) in his study with the title “Impacts of DOTA to the students”. There are computer games that are good to the children and...

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