Factors Affecting The Academic Performance Of Undergraduate Civil Engineering Students At Polytechnic University Of The Philippines

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Factors Affecting the Academic Performance of Undergraduate Civil Engineering Students at Polytechnic University of the Philippines

Fig 1 shows the linkage between different factors and academic performance. It shows that academic performance as a dependent variable is related to the dependent variables, which are students’ personal motivations, socio-economic status, classroom settings and school background.

The first dependent variable is former school background, which was conceptualized as ownership of former school, ...view middle of the document...

The second dependent variable is the students’ personal motivations, which has five options: acceptance to graduate school, attention of future employers, outside motivations, competition with fellow students and self-recognition. That is, the more motivation a student had he/she would have a higher GPA than students that did not have any or little motivation.

According to the conceptual framework, parents’ social economic status, which was conceptualized as parents’ education, and parents’ income, is linked to academic performance. The figure shows that academic performance is dependent on parents’ social economic status. That is students from high social economic backgrounds will perform better than their counter parts from low social economic backgrounds as discussed. This is supported by Dills (2006) and Owens (1999). It is also in line with Hansen and Mastekaasa (2006) who argued that according to the cultural capital theory one could expect students from families who are closest to the academic culture to have greatest success.

The researcher also identified some extraneous variables, which may affect academic performance, these include, the university management, facilities and the quality of lectures among many. These...

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