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Factors Affecting Students Performance Essay

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All of the research reviews support the hypothesis that student performance depends on different socio-economic, psychological, environmental factors. The findings of research studies focused that student performance is affected by different factors such as learning abilities because new paradigm about learning assumes that all students can and should learn at higher levels but it should not be considered as constraint because there are other factors like race, gender, sex that can affect student’s performance. (Hansen, Joe B.2000). Some of the researchers even tried to explain the link between students achievements, economic circumstances and the risk of becoming a drop-out that proved to be ...view middle of the document...

It is also found that those who live near the university perform better than other students.

Yvonne Beaumont Walters, kola soyibo,(1998) further elaborated that student performance is very much dependent on SEB (socio economic back ground)asper their statement, “High school students’ level of performance is with statistically significant differences, linked to their gender, grade level, school location, school type, student type and socio-economic background (SEB).”

Kirby, Winston et al. (2002) focused on student’s impatience (his time-discountbehavior) that influences his own academic performance. Goethe found out that weak students do better when grouped with other weak students. (As implied by Zajonc’s analysis of older siblings (1976) it shows that students’ performance improves if they are with the students of their own kind. There are often different results by gender, as in Hoxby’s K-12 results (2000);Sacerdote (2001) finds that grades are higher when students have unusually academically strong roommates.

The results of Zimmerman (1999, 2001) were somewhat contradictory to Goetheresults but again it proved that students performance depends on number of different factors, it says that weak peers might reduce the grades of middling or strong students.(Alexander, Gur et al. 1974; Fraser, Beamn et al. 1977) explained that some of the practices adopted by college administration in higher education like residential colleges or organized study groups also help to increases performance.

Keeping in view all of the variables discussed by different researchers we havechosen only those variables that are recognizable in Pakistani setting.

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