Fact Finding Mission Essay

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AUGUST, 2010

1. BABY NEEDS: This includes shoes, clothes, diapers, pampers, huggies, toys etc. The options of mode of operation includes: (a) Have a warehouse in lagos and onitsha where every goods shipped from china/America will be stored and have retailers come buy in bulk/wholesale -- Alex-kingsley Global ventures being the parent supplier. The cost of renting a warehouse goes for = N=20,000.00 per month which will amount to $200.00. (b) The second option will be rent a shop in Lagos, Port Harcourt or Onitsha and employ someone who will manage the shop but will be overseen by Alex-kingsley Global Ventures. Renting a shop goes for =N=15,000.00 - ...view middle of the document...

This will be a partnership and the partner will provide warehouse in Lagos, Onitsha and possibly a shop in Port Harcourt; the resources to execute if the goods arrive are already in place and the outlet to deliver the goods are already in place too- goods will be delivered on wholesale bases. If partnership and all necessary documents signed and agreement reached, the profit will be on a 70%-30% or 80%-20% bases but am going for 80-20% considering that Alex-Kingsley is the sole financier. Clearing agent. is part of the deal .On the other hand, if solely Alex-kingsley Global Ventures, warehouse will be rented in Onitsha for =N=20,000.00 per month and a shop in port Harcourt to be rented and goes for =N=15,000.00 - =N=20,000.00 per month, an upfront payment of two years to be paid.

4. PHARMACEUTICALS: Drugs to be imported from India and America with specifications. To be managed by a pharmacist and 2 nurses under an agreement signed by both parties. To be named ‘’Alex-Kingsley pharmaceuticals’’ – A division of Alex-kingsley Global ventures. This requires NAFDAG approval; shop to be rented at =N=15,000.00 - =N=20,000.00 per month with an upfront payment of 2 years.

5. COMPUTERS AND ACCESSORIES: Lobby schools/companies to be sole supplier of every form of computers and accessories that they may need. Now, KEL Engineering, Aladumo schools need computers – 80 each now. Lobby the parties involved and earn a contract to supply computers /accessories to the schools or companies if possible. Computer accessories on its own are also a good source of income with readymade market. China/Japan/Singapore is a good market source.

With respect to No 5:

Marketing: Bring in the goods and give your selling price. He sells the goods at his own price.
Partnership: Profit margin to be agreed on by both parties.
SKD: Bring in the materials here in Nigeria and assemble them. Get the company in China to produce for you, don’t buy already made goods.


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