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Facility Management Essay

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Facility Management

Facility Management
Facility management (FM) as an interdisciplinary field that is devoted to the coordination of space, people, infrastructure and the organisation aim at providing professional specialised services to the other units in the organisation. Facility management can be summarised as creation of the optimal environment for the organization's primary functions by taking an integrated view of the customer infrastructure that is used to deliver satisfaction to the customers. Facility management has developed to become a thriving business sector and a professional discipline in many countries (Zeithaml, Bitner & Gremler, 2009). The ...view middle of the document...

According to Then & Tan (2006), this does not only lead to increased production due to specialisation, it also leads to increased interdependence between the other units and the Facility management. Alignment between the activities of the primary actors and the facility management is required due to the fact that the different players may lack consistency in undertaking their duties. Price (2004) argues that Facility management activities need to be aligned with the activities of the primary actors so as to make the primary processes successful. This is because the activities of the facility management have great impact on the other business processes and the eventual achievement of FM added value. The facility management services have different impacts on the performance of the business. Some of the immediate impacts will include spatial characteristic on the health, behaviour, and the mood of the people in the organisation.
According to (Roelofsen, 2002), the facility services will have different impacts on different organisations. This is due to factors like the characteristics of the service quality offered, the organisational characteristics as indicated by the its size and the primary processes and the context of service delivery. Sarshar, Sertyesilisik and Parry (2010) indicated that the first step in the creation of the satisfying facility services and ensuring value in the process is to come up with a set of requirement for identification of all the stakeholders and their interest in the primary processes. For ease and practicality, the various stakeholders can be sorted into three main categories of goals, principles, and constraints. It is also important that the support environment of the organisation is aligned and optimised a well for success in providing facility services as noted by Mobach (2009). This is because it allows a facility to be used to in a situational way leading to the maximisation of all the activities of all the other organisations units.
The FM added value to primary process will therefore be seen as the organisation contribution to the facility services that are provided leading to many benefits in comparison to the cost and risks involved. It is important to note that the combination of the organisation's spatial environment and facility services leads to maximisation of the outcome of the customer processes in comparison to the costs and risk involved. Moline (2001) argues that whichever step that is taken by the facility management to achieve alignment that brings satisfying facility services will involve all the players taking decisions in order to establish the ideal match with the external environment. When viewed from the FM perspective, the primary processes are the external environment that gives the FM it legitimacy. Since the identification of the needs is required to deliver value to the customers, Nutt (2004) indicates that the designing of satisfying facility services will need the...

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