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Facets Model Essay

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One of the biggest environmental factors affecting McCain in 2005/6 was the growing concern about obesity, particularly in children. This case study shows how McCain has risen to the challenges of this debate and other external challenges.
McCain's view is that its chips can and do play a role in a healthy balanced diet and it is continually finding ways to ensure McCain products are as healthy as possible.

McCain Foods Limited is an international leader in the frozen food industry, employing 19,000 people and operating 50 production facilities on six continents. A privately owned Canadian company, McCain generates annual sales in excess of CDN$6 billion. While potatoes are at the heart of our offering, we also produce many other food products, including pizza, appetizers, oven meals, ...view middle of the document...

Day & Ross Transportation Group and its divisions provide general freight, courier and warehousing services across North America. McCain Produce grows and sells seed potatoes globally
McCain Foods:
• Across six continents
• 50 manufacturing facilities
• 44 sales offices
• 36,700 supplier partners
• 3,200 grower partners

Day & Ross Transportation Group:
• 80 terminals across Canada
• Operations across North
America and globally

Global Sales CDN$6 billion.
mcchain food products are sold in more than 160 countries.
Corporate Structure
Privately held company. McCain’s shareowners are members of the McCain family.
Two Boards oversee the company: Holdco (McCain Foods Group Inc., the family holding company)
and Opco (McCain Foods Limited, the operating company). Four independent directors sit on the
Opco Board, providing additional oversight to the company’s professional management team and
business operations.
Employees 19,000 across six continents. More than 4,000 of these employees are with
The Day & Ross Transportation Group.
Data: May2011
Creating Our Future:
Our business strategy is designed to drive sustainable, profitable growth. Led by the commitment
of our talented people, our vision is to grow McCain by making food people love while contributing
to the wellbeing of our stakeholders. We are creating our future today:
1. Creating one aligned global organization
2. Leveraging scale, technology and science for competitive advantage and differentiation
3. Bringing the goodness of McCain potatoes and value-added food products to all
4. Transforming Day & Ross into a full service transportation company
Our strategy is built on our philosophy of McCain its All Good. We are growing our business
by creating the future we want driven by good people, making good food from good ingredients
that make people feel good.

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