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Facebook As Self Regulator Essay

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Social networks are becoming more and more of an outlet that our citizens are engaging in. Not only are they recognized universally, but for some they play a vital role in one’s life. These social networks such as Facebook exercise itself through disciplinary power and subsequently act as the new panopticon in the following ways; it monitors and regulates the behavior of individuals as well as it produces relationships. This paper will discuss who this effects, what data exists on the topic, and how relevant it is. Insight will be given on what implications this will have for Canadian society and in return some possible solutions will be offered.
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Many people can see your pictures and posts, even those who might not know were on your profile. Considering one is aware others will see their personal information, it strongly influences what they might post and just the same as it influences the behaviors of the inmates not to act out because fellow inmates or the guard may see them. Not a lot of people will write their deepest darkest secrets knowing it will be read, just as many inmates will not deviate from the norm in fear of being caught, essentially monitoring ones behavior.
Facebook also produces new relationships as well as reunites old ones. Often times the amount of friends one has on their Facebook is seen as a way of measuring ones status. Exercising the assumption of the more friends you have, the more popular/ well-liked you are. However, unfortunately many users would not even know some of the individuals they have on their friends list if they were to see them on the street. It plays into this idea of “Facebook friends”. This relationship may consist of nothing more than a few comments here or there on each other’s wall. Facebook and other social networks similar allow one to plan events or send invitations, upholding its promise as a social construct. Subsequently making those without an account feel left out or alienated.
According to the Retail Advertising and Marketing Association, Facebook is the favorite social media site for those 18 to 55+, therefore effecting those ages most. Many students today cannot remember a time before Facebook; they have integrated social networking into their daily activity, and only when they become aware of their behaviors do they question whether they control Facebook, or whether Facebook controls them (Hanson 2012, P.1).
Data can be found about the over excessive use of social networks, in various forms. Such as news articles, journal articles, conducted surveys and the media to name a few. An article written by...

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