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The first issues led to another issue of the HRM policy goal. According to Brunetto, Wharton and Shacklock (2011), since the employees did not have much involvement of into the decision making process, they would not have high commitment to the organization goals. This is because the employees do not understand what is the goal the organization wanted to achieve, and if the organizational goal is clarified, they also want to know whether the decision is matched with their personal objectives. From the lacking of acknowledgement and understanding, staffs would somehow do it as the duties they are paid to operate for or worst as they would deny participating in the procedure; hence, the ...view middle of the document...

It was not a good sign for Canterbury’s revenue and reputation among the market if the customers consecutively complained on the hospital’s services. Furthermore, overloaded working schedule and capacity might make the employees feel exhausted, stressful and unable to concentrate on personal development; hence, the employees might leave the business which triggers the higher turnover rate.
The forth issue that Canterbury Hospital was facing with is the argument from labor union. Labor reunion is an organization within a business which represents the employees in order to protect and enhance employees’ rights and benefits, for example: wages, compensation, working condition (Reynolds, 2008). Among the new committee of Canterbury, the labor union was not included in it and they did not know the criteria that the hospital has used to choose the participants. Since the committee requested the involvement of the staffs, thus, as the function of protecting employees, the union had to acknowledge the information for them to ensure that the workload and status of the employee’s was remained and interpreted specifically in order for them not to be overloaded or lose face within public community. Loosing prestige and overloaded works demotivate staffs in cooperating with the business and paying effort to tasks.
To summarize, even though Canterbury Hospital had a clear and appropriate general business goal of building the business sustainably, however, the poor HR strategies (Rilkoff, 2012) that the hospital has been implementing are not compatible with the enterprise’s objective. The issues that the organization has to solve in order to close the gaps within the company are:
* Low employee autonomy
* Low employee involvement and commitment
* High labor conflict
* Lacking of flexibility and unclear job design
* Labor union conflict
* Potential of unsecured prestige within public community

Human Resource Management Policies
In order to overcome the various human resource issues that the organization is facing with, there are two policies that are suggested to be most appropriate in this situation are: Employee Involvement and Participation; and Organizational Culture Changes.
1. Employee Involvement and Participation (EIP)
Within an organization, employee is the key component of operating business day-to-day. Therefore, in order to build an effective and efficient workplace, organization has to focus on the employee relations (Gollan 2005; Productivity Commission 2005). According to Bratton and Gold (2012), the employee relations involve four major perspectives: Employee communication, Employee involvement, Employee rights/grievances, and Employee discipline (figure 2).
Figure 2. Reproduced from: Bratton and Gold 2012
In the case of Canterbury Hospital, the foremost issue that they were tacking with is the employee involvement. Employee involvement is stated to be a significant component of high-commitment...

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