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Exploring Parent Child Conflict And The Psychological Effects

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At the root of sociological issues in society is that of conflict. Society as a whole has changed considerably over the last several hundred years such that humans now live in closer proximity to one another than at any other point in history, especially in urban areas where there are many houses crammed all together with close proximity to one another, and the standards of decorum are higher than ever before. For this reason, there is an intrinsic need for people to “get along” with one another that is often undermined by the realities of human conflict. Certainly, conflict seems to exist even in the most intimate and close of human relationships such as between a child and their parent. ...view middle of the document...

Because of these outcomes, this is quite an important study.
With that said, we must examine the scientific basis of the study in order to determine whether it is truly equipped to achieve the purpose it sets out to achieve. The scientific method is inherent in any solid research study, regardless of what methodology is ultimately used, or the variables being studied. The basis of the method’s integrity, however, is extremely important. Without careful phrasing and construction of the hypothesis or research questions, the rest of a research study will be impacted in some way, such as through a disruptive bias. In this case, the study uses the research question of “do children’s behaviors with mothers at 2 years of age predict behavior with peers at age 6?” (Crockenberg & Lourie, 1993). This is a useful research question because it has variables that can be easily identified and analyzed, and offers a restricted and specific view of the overall research.
After the hypothesis or research questions, the most important aspect of a research study is the methodology that is used to test the hypothesis or answer the questions. The methodology must be based on sound scientific assumptions if valid results are going to be achieved. I thought it to be important to explain the different elements of how a proper research study should be conducted to compare it to the ones used as the basis of this paper. It was important to show that this study could be trusted in the way it was done, therefore, come out with trusted results.
In this case, the researchers utilized a sample of 95 middle class families, predominately white in ethnicity, in a concentrated lab study (Crockenberg & Lourie, 1993). The study involved a simple exercise in which children were instructed to take part in basic “clean-up tasks”, and parents were observed in their efforts to get their children to comply with the directives (Crockenberg & Lourie, 1993). The parent’s strategies in dealing with their children were transcribed and coded “to indicate frequency of negative control, control, guidance, and responsiveness”; additionally, children’s responses were coded to observe for “affective responses and child defiance or compliance” (Crockenberg & Lourie, 1993). Many of these same children and parents were contacted again four years later, whereupon assessment instruments were utilized. Parents were given the Parent Child Conflict Interview and Child Behavior Checklist, while children took the Child Peer Conflict Interview and the Preschool Interpersonal Problem Solving Test (Crockenberg & Lourie, 1993).
The purpose of this was to examine whether or not the children manifested similar conflict resolution strategies such as those utilized by their parents four years previously. This information was gleaned by a comparison of the coded transcripts to identify the dominant resolution strategies used by parents and the results of the metrics taken four years later. Statistical...

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