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Explanatory Article For Gender Wage Gap

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Rachel Diomar
Article 2

In my second exploratory article written by Lydia O’Connor from the Huffington Post, it presents Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella expressing his views on gender income inequality and that “...Women should not consider asking for raises in their paychecks” and “...It creates bad karma”. Causing quite a stir from the women in the audience, he immediately after the presentation responded with a tweet apologizing for his actions and the comments he made. Although he apologized for what was said, it raised a lot of questions about whether or not people find it to be a true issue in the workplace.
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For example Linda Babcock and Sara Laschever, authors of Women Don’t Ask:The High Price of Avoiding Negotiation, claim that men are four times more likely to negotiate salary than women, for higher confidence levels, and lack of being denied. Some may consider that women have pretty high confidence levels overall, but that is not the case in this type of situation.
Nadella may have made a good point while talking about karma. For example you can’t just ask for a raise without putting in the work, or you will most likely have your boss look at you weird and have him reconsider why he even hired you in the first place which can backfire, but also when discussing chance and karma you would not expect to be reprimanded for asking a simple question such as requesting an increase in you wages. Later when Nadella apologizes and refutes his statement about “bad karma” he writes “... If you think you deserve a raise, you should just ask.” Which is a perfect example of how women are too timid to even think about asking for a raise. Nadella clearly changed his statement only due to the fact that he was getting hated on for what he initially said, not because his original opinion was based on how much of an issue income gender inequality is and that the statement just came out wrong. This nation wide topic has become an important issue, which has a chance of being terminated if people were to just realize that a gender wage gap does exist.

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