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Explain How Variables Such As Social Interactions, Cognitive Processes, Environmental Variables, Cultural Context, And Biological Factors Shape What Social Psychology Is All About And How It Is Practiced. Choose One Of

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Social psychology is the scientific field that seeks to understand the nature and causes of the individual behavior and thought in social situation. Social psychology investigates the ways in which our thoughts, feelings, and actions are influenced by the social environments in which we live. Social interactions help to shape who we are and how we act in different situations. The factors affecting social interaction fall into five major categories. They are the actions and characteristics ...view middle of the document...

If anybody wants to clearly understand the causes of others behavior in a social situation it is a must that one should understand what went on in the thinking pattern and understanding process of those people when they behaved in a particular social situation. For example, if your friend sets an appointment with you in a particular time. You are waiting for him at a particular point in a particular time, if he comes late what would be your reaction. In such a situation, cognitive process plays a crucial role in the social behavior and social thoughts of every individual. A study of how people perceive, think bout and remember information about others are really have a contributing effect of human social behavior.

The weather and the climate a person experiences has a say in his behavior. This indicates the physical environment necessarily influences the feelings, thoughts and behavior of everyone. The climate conditions make a person either happy or sad. For example, if there is rain for a few days most of the people’s day to day lives get disturbed....

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