Explain A Sociotechnical System And Its Five Components

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. How would you define “organization development”?
Answer: Organization development is a series of planned behavioral science intervention activities with the purpose of increasing the effectiveness of the system and developing the potential of all individual members. OD efforts are planned, systematic approaches to change that are carried out in collaboration with organization members to help find improved ways of working together toward individual and organizational goals.

2. How does OD differ from a single-change technique such as management training? Answer: OD represents a systems approach that is concerned with the interrelationship of various divisions, departments, groups, and ...view middle of the document...

The notion of socialization has been primarily a result of the inequality that exist within the capital system, as a result of the relationship present between the capitalist and the workers strata of the society. Though the response of capitalism to socialization has traditionally been harsh claiming it to be against the right of ownership for which the capitalist system stands for, the response have been changing in its magnitude from time to time. In today’s world
where we are witnessing such acute difference in the wealth distribution in different parts of
the world. Individuals may be worried about how they’re going to interact with their co-workers. An individual may feel intimiated about the managerREAD FUL
6. Identify and explain the five stages of organization development (OD). 
In your response, use a time at work when your organization went through these stages.
a. Anticipate a need for change: an organization needs to anticipate a need for change. For example, universities and colleges began to understand that they needed to change the way classes were taught. They had to develop a new delivery system of teaching. Now we have online classes.
b. Develop the practitioner-client relationship: Once an OD practitioner has entered the system a relationship develops with the organization. The practitioner must establish a...

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