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Exercise Specification Definitions Essay

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Unit 3. Exercise 1 Specification – Definitions
Define the following terms:
• Application: A System, the transmission method of which is supported by telecommunications cabling, such as 100Base-TX Ethernet, or digital voice.
• Unshielded Twisted-Pair: a pair of copper wires twisted together with no electromagnetic shielding around them.
• Shield Twisted-Pair: a type of twisted-pair cable in which the pairs are enclosed in an outer braided shield.
• Fiber Optic Cable: A cable made of optical fibers that can transmit large amounts of information at the speed of ...view middle of the document...

• Riser: A space for indoor cables that allow cables to pass between floors, normally a vertical shaft or space.
• Ripcord: A length of string built into optical fiber cables that are pulled to split the outer jacket of the cable without using a blade.
• Core: The central part of a single optical fiber in which the light signal is transmitted.
• Attenuation: Indicate a decrease in power (loss of signal) from one point to another.
• Noise: is a signal that interferes with the desired signal normally present in or passing through the system.
• Headroom: The number of decibels by which a system exceeds the minimum defined requirements.
• ANSI: American National Standard Institute.
• NFPA: National Fire Protection Association.
• FCC: Federal Communications Commission.
• NIST: National Institute of standards and Technology.
• OSHA: Occupational Safety and Health Administration.
• Equipment Room: A centralized space for telecommunications equipment that serves the occupants of the building or multiple buildings in a campus environment.
• Topology: The geometrical physical or electrical configuration describing a local communication network. The most common topologies are bus, ring and star.

The Complete Guide to Copper and Fiber-Optic Networking 4th Edition

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