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Argonaut University has been so immersed in day-to-day operations that, as an organization, we have lost sight of our future. The proposed strategic plan sets forth our vision of the future, our plan to support this vision, and our commitment to achieving it.
I. Who we are:
Argonaut College, founded in 1958, is a regionally accredited provider of undergraduate and graduate education and business programs. The school offers, online and on campus, baccalaureate, masters, and doctoral degree programs in education and business.
II. Vision Statement:
Our vision is to build a reputation of excellence in the Midwest and beyond for preparing future leaders ...view middle of the document...

e. Upcoming re-accreditation for education program.
f. Aging faculty in education programs.
g. Aging physical plant and need for future expansion.
IV. Our strengths:
a. Strong regional reputation for high-quality undergraduate teacher education.
b. Leader in use of instructional technology for onsite and online education.
c. State of the art educational programming.
d. Fiscal strength allows relatively low tuition rates.
e. Consistent alumni support.
f. Corporate partnerships with companies that offer employees tuition assistance.
V. Strategic Objectives:
a. Increased emphasis on recruiting students from the northern suburbs and Ft Leavenworth, both service members and their family members, to support the satellite campus.
b. Actively recruit minority and male students.
c. Actively recruit minorities as faculty of the business programs.
d. Establish a five-year growth goal for expanding/updating the physical plant.
e. Develop mission and values statements with stakeholder input.
f. Begin an internal audit of readiness for upcoming re-accreditation of the education program.
Please join us for a presentation of the complete strategic plan, including action plans, action teams and key performance indicators, to be held in one week. The plan will also be disseminated via live streaming of the presentation to the Argonaut internal television and local public access television. The copies of the plan will be distributed to all employees and students by email. Hardcopies are available upon request.

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