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Executive Summary Essay

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Xemba Translations Increase Telecommuters Project

Executive Summary


, Project Manager

Xemba Translations has worked hard to deliver timely translation services to its customers. The last couple of years with a changing and more diverse landscape they have seen an increase in translation services required by customers. This demand has required an increase in the number of support staff required to service these customers. This has then driven up costs to support each of these staff members internally. The need to increase telecommuters has driven the current telecommuter project.

The project has been underway for the past 76 days with 47 days remaining in the project. The number of hours schedule for the project is ...view middle of the document...

These risks include the following:
1. Unexpected costs that could lead to being over budget
2. Resources being unavailable due to inclement weather taking down common service provider.
3. Having a lack of resources available to service walk-in clients
4. Increasing Toll-Free charges costs to customers
5. External Variables causing equipment to not to arrive on project schedule time line.
Each of these risks has been identified and a solution has been put in place to help prevent or mitigate the affects from these risks.
The highest risk issue and one that could have the most adverse effect on our customers is the increase in toll-free charges that we will incur and then have to pass through to our customers with the new telecommuter model. This increase will be variable so it is hard to forecast and can fluctuate as customers have more demand. We will need to work with our telecommunications vendor to ensure we have the most aggressive toll-free rates the market has to offer and that we communicate this appropriate to our clients so they can expect the increase in service fees for the service. We will work with our Information Technology department to see if we possess any technology that will help us cut down on these costs. We can look at using our current phone system to route calls over these dedicated VPN connections directly to our customers to help cut down on these charges.
The project is currently a little bit behind schedule but I believe with some more focused effort and a shifting of resources the timelines can still be completed according to the original schedule that was originally proposed.

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