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Excel Essay

2318 words - 10 pages

kids stuff
10 Years & Under (Any style) 2 bacon or 2 sausage, toast and jelly, with small milk or juice 3.25 1 pancake, 2 sausage, small milk or juice 3.25 2 French toast, small milk or juice 3.25

Our FaMOus BiscuiTs and gravy
Full Order 5.25 • Half Order 4.25 Served with 2 eggs cooked any style, 2 sausage, 2 bacon, 1 ham, potatoes, toast and jelly 4.95 Served with 1 egg cooked any style, 1 sausage, 1 bacon, 1 ham, potatoes, toast and jelly 3.55

One egg

With fries and small pop 3.25 With fries and small pop 3.05 2 chicken strips, fries and small pop 4.15 1 piece of fish, fries and small pop 4.05

grilled cheese


Mickey MOuse Pancakes French TOasT

...view middle of the document...

60 cheese OMeleTTe

hOT Fudge sundae hOT Fudge creaM PuFF 4.75


haM, BacOn Or sausage OMeleTTe 4.30
With American or Swiss cheese 4.85

MeaT lOver’s OMeleTTe
With ham, bacon and sausage 4.95 With American or Swiss cheese 5.50

With American or Swiss cheese 4.20

chili and cheese OMeleTTe
With American or Swiss cheese 4.50 Gyro meat, feta cheese, green peppers and onions 4.95 Onion, tomato, green peppers and mushrooms 4.65 With American or Swiss cheese 5.20

With onion, green peppers and ham 4.45 With American or Swiss cheese 5.00

WesTern OMeleTTe

greek OMeleTTe

MushrOOM OMeleTTe


With American or Swiss cheese 4.75

vegeTarian OMeleTTe

French Fries

Sm. 1.55 • Lg. 2.25 Small Fries with Chili 2.15 With Cheese 2.25 With Chili and Cheese 2.85 Large Fries With Chili 3.05 With Cheese 3.35 With Chili and Cheese 3.65


Taco meat, onions, green peppers, tomato, cheese and salsa 5.50

BrOccOli and cheese OMeleTTe Mexican OMeleTTe

chicken Wings (6) 4.55 chicken FilleTs (5) 4.95 OniOn rings 2.55 gOlden Fried

MushrOOMs 3.25 sPiced curly Fries in a BaskeT 2.95 MOzzarella cheese sTicks POPPers 4.05 side OF chili .65 side OF cheese .95 side OF PiTa Bread 1.00 BOscO sTixs 3.95

With ham, bacon or sausage, potatoes, toast and jelly 3.95 With Italian sausage or sausage patties, potatoes, toast and jelly 4.15 4.05 With ham, bacon or sausage, toast and jelly 3.55 With Italian sausage or sausage patties, toast and jelly 3.75 With potatoes, toast and jelly 3.35 With toast and jelly 2.50

2 eggs any sTyle

Made with Eggbeaters® add .75


With ham, bacon or sausage, potatoes, toast and jelly 3.50 With ham, bacon or sausage, toast and jelly 3.10 With potatoes, toast and jelly 2.80 With toast and jelly 2.00

1 egg any sTyle

Coney Island
fa m i ly R e stau R a n t
Ted’s sOuTh 810-982-4886 618 24Th sTreeT, POrT hurOn, Michigan Ted’s nOrTh 810-987-2960 3962 24Th avenue, POrT hurOn, Michigan Ted’s cOney 586-727-6200 67176 graTiOT, richMOnd, Michigan all iTeMs availaBle FOr carryOuT visiT us aT WWW.TedscOney.cOM

Full (3) 3.75 • Half (2) 3.25 • Short (1) 2.95


from the griddle

BlueBerry Pancakes
Full (3) 5.00 • Half (2) 4.25 Full (3) 5.00 • Half (2) 4.25

(Available Port Huron South Only) 1.75 Refill .95

cOFFee (Regular Or Decaf) 1.25 FlavOred cOFFee hOT Tea


sTraWBerry Pancakes
Full (3) 3.75 • Half (2) 3.25 • Short (1) 2.95 2 Eggs* (Any Style), 2 Bacon or 2 Sausage or 1 Ham 4.75

French TOasT

2 Pancakes Or French TOasT

Orange, apple, grapefruit or cranberry Sm. 1.15 • Lg. 2.25 • V8 or Tomato Juice 1.95


iced Tea and sOFT drinks
Refill for dine in only please. Root Beer, Lemonade, Fruit Punch or any of the following 1.75

Old FashiOned OaTMeal
With milk and brown sugar 2.45 With bananas or raisins add .60

Cereals & brekfast sides

WhiTe Or chOcOlaTe Milk
Sm. 1.65 • Lg. 1.95 Chocolate, strawberry or vanilla...

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