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Example Of Apology Letter Essay

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Dear Mr. Pryke
Thank you for your letter of March 18.
We apologize for all of your inconvenience while spending your time at our hotel and also our restaurant. You did not get a good taking care at the first moment when you arrived at our hotel and also disappointed with our restaurant. It was useful of you to tell us about your experience at our hotel suddenly which can brought it to our notice, so it ...view middle of the document...

However, I would like to explain that all our staffs are well trained in dealing with the guest and to provide them the most efficient services. The involved staff should have attend you immediately. Unfortunately, you were come in the seminar day of some company. You might not get a comfortable and quiet time for relaxing because there are too many people at our hotel. We were quite busy at that time. About the restaurant, we are going to change the decoration around next 2 months, so it will be romantic as you want. For the variety of menu, the executive chef actually create new menu every month, so it might be some mistakes about food suggestion from our staffs.
As a sign of our concern, I would like to offer you a £ 50 voucher towards the cost of your next visit at our restaurant. Furthermore, you will get free breakfast and coffee for the next stay at our hotel as well, and I hope that we will have the satisfaction of you again.
We are really sorry again for your bad experience at our hotel. Please accept my apologies for the inconveniences you endured.

Yours Sincerely

Natthaya Loasuriya

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