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Example Of A Cip Paper For Com

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Crystal Peraza CIP Paper
Susan Owens
Com 110-020
February 1st, 2012

My parents have always told me that even as a little girl I was never shy about speaking my mind or saying hello to perfect strangers. In grocery stores I would announce my doubt at my father’s excuse for not buying my favorite cereal; “What do you mean you have no money?! You have a job!” I suppose you could say I embarrassed him quite a few times. As I’ve gotten older, I’m much more mindful of the things I say and to whom I say them. However, I’m just as outgoing, if not more. I am a “perfect” balance of being shy and putting myself out there. It all depends on the context in which interaction is happening. ...view middle of the document...

I also feel that the speech lab will be of great help to me. A perfect stranger watching me and giving me feedback before I actually present the speech would be very beneficial—I’m all for constructive criticism!
Another thing I would like to work on is my anxiety. Speeches really just drive me wild in the worst way possible. I get shaky, sweaty hands, my heart feels like it’s jumping out of my chest, and my stomach drops like its about to fall out of my butt—it’s a recipe for disaster. With my body freaking out, my brain wants to control itself but instead, I give my speech in a word-vomit-esqe manner—too fast and messy. I’m not exactly sure how I will overcome this. I know that just giving the speeches could help me a bit, but trust me when I say I have gotten a panic attack from a speech. The class as a whole just scares me. However, I already feel fairly comfortable with the students in my group speech—therefore, getting to know the rest of the peers in the class can help eliminate the stress that the speech would put on me. If I’m familiar with at least 10 people in there, I won’t feel so panicked. It’s easier to put yourself out there, especially when doing any formal speaking when you have some familiar faces staring at you. I would prefer no faces staring back at me, but that is just something I hope will not bother me by the end of this semester.
One thing I tend to do, which I totally blame my 8th grade communications teacher for, is I know what I want to say and start out with a point but sometimes my mind wanders and I can go off on tangents about...

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