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My Room
When walking through the door you have arrived at my home, the place where I eat, sleep, invite friends and just generally be. Before noticing any smell, decoration or furniture it is likely that you will be welcomed by my one year old pug. The first room where I spend most of my time, the living room and kitchen, is rectangular with sand colored tile and four white walls all naked except for a glass clock with black dots marking each hour. Still standing in the door, trying to zone out my pug which loves attention, you will see an ivory-white legged dining table with a jet-black glass top converted to my working desk and next to it a white stuffed chair with black legs. In the middle of the room is a black, leather clad sofa with an adjustable back. Although it looks flat and uncomfortable, sitting down you will feel it is soft enough to sleep on. In front of the sofa is a non-peculiar white coffee ...view middle of the document...

The kitchen is small but big enough, the work bench and sink is to your right. The work bench is medium-brown colored with a gray-white top. Above it to the left are compartments with doors and next to it are shelves filled with spices, dried herbs, vinegars, oils, plates, bowls, tall glasses and wine glasses. Turning 45 degrees, next to the window, is a sky blue, one door fridge and on top of it a microwave and toaster. Next to the fridge on the wall hangs my favorite decoration so far, a pink colored medium orchid. Under it is a wine rack, sadly only holding four empty bottles of wine. Walking out from the kitchen towards a door next to the TV you will first walk past the bathroom door to your right before entering my bedroom. Coming through the door you won’t be able to see the bed just yet because my big, dark brown wardrobe is covering your view. Walking to the left you come out on the balcony which is on the same side as the kitchen window, also overlooking the garden and swimming pool. On the floor stands various flower plants, my favorite is the Thai “mali” because it smells so nice during the night, I also have two pots growing basil, coriander and chili. Turning back to the door and walking into the bedroom you can now see all the room belongings. All furniture in this room is dark-brown, nearly black colored. The floor is made of light wood, the walls white and the room itself is just like the living room, rectangular. To your left is the door leading towards the living room and next to it is the earlier mentioned wardrobe. To your right is a make-up table, the one you can find in every Thai home, with a small chair under it. In the back of the room is a king size low bed covered in rose-red bed linen. The bed’s fluffy pillows and duvet are filled with feathers assuring complete relaxation. On the opposite wall from the bed is another flat-screen TV mounted to the wall, either for lazy days or for watching something before sleep. Although in need of some decoration and paintings I am perfectly happy with my two rooms always making me feel at ease and at home.

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