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Examination Of Clinical Psychology Essay

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Examination of Clinical Psychology
Steven Billingsley
University of Phoenix
PSY 480
Cindy Fouhy

Examination of Clinical Psychology
Clinical psychology is an area of psychology which seeks to find and understand the various behavioral problems humans possess, and the possible psychological problems and disorders. “According to the APA, clinical psychology attempts to use the principles of psychology to better understand, predict, and alleviate intellectual, emotional, biological, psychological, social, and behavioral aspects of human functioning (APA, 2009a)”(Plante, 2011, pg. 5). For one to gain a better understanding of clinical psychology, the history and evolving nature ...view middle of the document...

By the year of 1914, the United States had a total of 26 clinics similar to Whitmer’s psychological clinic (Pickren, 2009).
Over time, clinical psychologists were developing better psychological assessment skills and continued to gain progress while many psychiatrists and neurologists were still treating individuals with major mental distress. During World War I, there were two intelligence tests developed, one known as the Army Alpha test, and the other known as the Army Beta test. These two intelligence tests focused on verbal and nonverbal skills, which contributed to making assessments a major part of clinical psychology because of the success the tests had on the soldiers. Clinical psychologists were once again called upon to assist during the World War II, and discovered different signs of psychological distress from the soldiers who had returned from battle. These signs of psychological distress, which is now called Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, was asked to be treated by the psychologists. When the war ended, large amounts of money were invested by the U.S. Veterans Administration for programs to train clinical psychologists. In 1947, a focus on research was added to psychology along with psychotherapy, and from then on, clinical psychology has made a steady growth with specialists in psychotherapy and assessments (Pickren, 2009).
Evolving Nature of Clinical Psychology
As the advancements of medicine and neuroscience continue to grow, so will the evolving nature of clinical psychology. Clinical psychology has the nature to evolve because with each discovery of the human brain and how it connects to behavior, clinical psychology can evolve to a higher level of understanding by changing its applications to fit with the new findings. “Central to this evolution has been the titanic human struggle to understand abnormal behavior in the context of the mind and the body” (Plante, 2011, pg. 31). The continuous improvement in research and the improvement and development of skills for assessment and practice are very important factors in the evolving nature of clinical psychology. “Furthermore, as clinical psychology has developed more integrative and bio-psychosocial perspectives that are evidence based and is evolving toward more involvement in general health care, training professionals in a one-dimensional theoretical orientation has become outdated” (Plante, 2011, pg. 436).
Role of Research and Statistics
Research and statistics happen to be the most important aspect of forming the foundation of clinical psychology. “Basic and applied research provides many of the...

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