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Evualting Bias In Research Essay

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The purpose of this paper is to explore the bias of the drug industry that highlights drug research. The drug industry brings forth criticism for portraying an unfair view on bestselling drugs. It is necessary to review the key components that sociological research formulates from, to obtain satisfactory in a research assignment.
First Step in Student’s Guide to Research
Sociological research builds off of a basic structure. Student sociologists use the structure as a guide when carrying out their research projects. Sociological research starts with the creation of a question or multiple questions needing answers. When creating a question sociologist focus on characteristic features and how they can clarify relations between the variables they study. Research questions arise from a variety of bases, such as problems that form the groundwork of sociology, socioeconomic imbalances and ...view middle of the document...

Sociologists generate questions that concentrate on descriptive social occurrences and the association between two subject matters. Questions can derive from the troubles of sociological grounds, socioeconomics, or from how authority develops in social interactions.
Major Assumptions and Bias of the Drug Industry
The drug industry that underlies drug research is analyzed to be biased because the information published, by the researchers about a particular drug, is said to not always be in the best interest of the consumers’ health. It has been a realization that drug makers select profit-driven researchers. Profit-driven researching can cause results from a drug experiment to be modified, for the sole purpose that the drug company and research company will make a profit. Vital information from drug testing, such as a drug’s safety and its increased health risks, tend to be the features that are omitted by the authors when publishing their conclusions.
Personal Bias that I Have on the Drug Industry’s Influence Over Research
The personal bias I have on the drug industry’s influence over research, is the lack of the publics’ access to information. I have limited sources to gather information about a drug’s dangers and its benefits. As a consumer, I must depend on journal publications or the U.S. Food and Drug Administration database, to convey the quality of a drug. If a source is misleading about the outcomes from a drug trial, I would not be able to identify the deceit. Publicly providing additional information about all the research completed on a drug more than what is given in journal publications or on the Food and Drug Administration database, would permit me to confirm or dismiss any doubts or concerns I may have about a drug.
In conclusion, sociological research’s first step, configure a research question, is essential to developing the growth of a research proposal. Due to the increase of for-profit researching a bias assumption can be made that the drug industry fabricates the findings from drug trials. The absence of accessible information for a drug, leads me to my bias opinion that drug research might be dishonest.

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