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Evolution Of Healthcare Essay

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Evolution of Health Care Information Systems
Health care technology continues to change every day. Comparing health care facilities of today with 20 years ago is very distinctive. In the past 20 years, how health care professionals view, look at, and store an individual’s health care information has changed drastically. There are so many obvious technological upgrades that will allow health care professionals and health care organizations to advance in medicine and health care.
Physician’s Office
Upon walking into the doctor’s office a patient would see a massive bookcase that is holding all of the patient’s health care information records. The receptionist at the front desk would be ...view middle of the document...

When going in for an appointment the patient would hope that the physician has the up to date health information along with labs ready to view. During the visit the nurse would write down in the paper chart what brings the patient in, medications taking, allergies and a set of vital signs. The physician would than record his findings and record any recommendations give to the patient. Once the appointment was over, the paper chart would return to the front desk in a large bin to be placed back on the large bookcase until needed again. A big problem that would arise from paper charts was them being misplaced, or difficulty locating the paper chart when a patient calls, and the inability to read the hand written chart due to poor penmanship. Fading ink or ink that has bleed onto other pages along with incomplete information caused issues with reading the patients chart correctly. The ability to quickly find a lab result or prescription did not exist, now physicians have the ability to pull it right up on the computer without frustrations or difficulties. During the time of paper charting the patient’s safety was a concern.
“In 1991, the Institute of Medicine recommended that by the year 2000, every physician should be using computers in their practice to improve patient care and made policy recommendations on how to achieve that goal” ("History Of Emr", ). It wasn’t until the late 2000s that physician offices started to use the computerized patient records. The electronic medical record (EMR) is used by physicians in their offices and the electronic health record (EHR) is used by health systems to transmit and manage health care data. The EMR modules include: scheduling, patient registration, documenting, writing prescriptions, requisitioning and receiving lab and diagnostic images, clinical decision support and billing and managing interoffice communications. The modules of the EHR are: authentication of patients and providers, laboratory results reporting, drug claims, diagnostic imaging reporting, hospital discharge summaries secure messaging and clinical decision support.
Computerized-based patient record continues to change the physician’s office and delivery of health care to the patient every day. Now when a patient is walking into the physician’s office the receptionist has a computer to check the patient in by, the large bookcase of paper records is gone, the nurse comes and calls the patient back and logs into the desktop and charts the reason why the patient is in, the medications the patient takes and the vital signs. The physician comes in and logs into the same computer and can check why the patient is here and when the last refill was given along with send the refill to the pharmacy by computer, can check patient’s lab values at a click of the button and can chart the findings in the record. ...

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