Evidence Based Paper

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Evidence Based Paper

Jennifer Rabago
University of Central Florida

This paper includes an annotated bibliography whether there is a link between child sexual abuse and later sexual exploitation and reviews the literature on prevention strategies and effective interventions in child sexual abuse services. It shows that children are sexually exploited in other ways through the Internet. It focuses on Barnardo's response to the problem of sexual exploitation and sets it in both a historical and a contemporary context. It provides factors that influence police conceptualizations of girls involved in prostitution in six U.S. cities and if the children are sexual ...view middle of the document...

It explains how there is a profit being made from the child sex trade in physical and sexual violence and the risks of being involved in sexual exploitation of children. This article explains that there is a need for a coordinated local and global response to the commercial sexual exploitation of children. It states that this exploitation is violating the children’s rights, and these children should not be compromised for gain of money. The quantitative research shows that more than two million children around the world are affected by being commercially sexually exploited. That broad estimate includes one million children in Asian countries, hundreds of thousands in the former Soviet states and Eastern Europe, and hundreds of thousands in the United States. This estimate does not imply that children and youth in other parts of the world are less likely to be involved in CSEC. The average age of children that are brought into this is estimated at 13 or 14 years old. Since there is no precise, universal data existing, some research suggests that the age of the children being sexually exploited is decreasing. Child and youth victims are both male and female; however, adult males are estimated to constitute at least 90% of the customers of prostituted children and youth of both genders. In a clinical perspective, the abusers that are considered to be pedophiles only consist of a small percentage. The worldwide sex trade is an industry believed to be generating billions of dollars. These physical and sexual acts are being committed in many different places worldwide, and these places recognize that they are doing it and do not stop due to profit gain. The Internet has made this a high-tech, profitable trade when it comes to dealing with commercial sexual exploitation of children. Children involved in the sex trade are vulnerable to immediate harm and long-term damage as well as death. The immediate risks include beatings, rape, torture, and murder. Long-term damage includes potential drug addiction, acquisition of sexually transmitted diseases (including HIV), mental illness, a range of self-destructive behaviors, and ostracism by society. The human rights organizations report that more and younger children are being abused. This is an issue that compels the need for child advocates to think and act both locally and globally. More individuals should be made aware and educated on this issue since it has grown so much nationally and globally.
Finkelhor, David., Jones, Lisa M., Mitchell, Kimberly J., & Wolak, Janis. (2011). Internet-
facilitated commercial sexual exploitation of children: Findings from a nationally
representative sample of law enforcement agencies in the United States. Sexual Abuse:
Journal of Research and Treatment, Vol 23(1), pp. 43-71. doi: 0.1177/1079063210374347
This peer reviewed journal consists of an empirical study, a longitudinal study, an interview, and a quantitative...

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