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Evaluation Of Daily Budget Of Bsba Students

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Statement of the Problem
This study focuses on the Evaluating the weekly budget of selected family at Brgy.28 District II zone 3 Caloocan City.
Specifically, this study seeks to answer the ff. questions:
1.) What is the profile of the respondents in terms of the ff:
1.1 Name (Optional)
1.2 Gender
1.3 Age
1.4 Civil
1.5 Members of Family
2.) Are their weekly salary is enough to fulfill or satisfy the following:
2.1 Basic Needs
2.1.1 Foods
2.1.2 Clothes
2.1.3 Shelter
2.2 Wants
2.3 Luxury Goods
3.) What are remedies do you do if the salary(s) is delayed?
3.1 Borrowing
3.1.1 Neighbors
3.1.2 Relatives
3.1.3 Lending
3.2 Loaning
3.3 Pawning
4.) Are you managing your budget?
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What remedies they do if the salary is delayed. It can be helpful to them to know where money will use if they budgeting.


Dear Respondents,
The researcher is conducting on study on “EVALUATING THE WEEKLY BUDGET OF SELECTED FAMILIES AT BRGY.28 DISTRICT II ZONE 3 CALOOCAN CITY.” Please answer the items honestly and rest assured your response will be treated with outmost confidentiality.
Part 1 Profile
1. Respondents
Respondents- 10-15 Family composed of 5-6 members
1.1 Family Name _______________
1.2 Age _______________
1.3 Gender _______________
1.4Highest Educational
Attainment _______________
1.5 Civil Status _______________
1.6 Members of Family _______________
1.7 Job Status _______________
Part 2 Questionnaire Proper
1. Please rate the extent of implementation of the evaluating the weekly budget in your family in terms of the following dimensions.
Use the following scale:
1. Very important
2. Important
3. Less Important
4. None at all
1. Budgeting 1.1 Budgeting the income and planning the expenditures that you can use as a guideline for spending and saving. 1.2 To set the weekly budget, you first need to determine how much income you have.1.3 Estimating the expenses is the best way to do to keep track of how much you spend for one week. 1.4 Creating the budget will reveal where the peso is correctly being spent.1.5 Controls spending the weekly flow of money.1.6 Figure out the difference of your weekly income and weekly expenses. |
2. Borrowing

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