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Evaluating The Research Process Essay

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Evaluating the Research Process
July 27, 2015

Evaluating the Research Process
In some recent study on teen pregnancy, it is estimated that the cost may be as high as $428 billion per year or an average of $5,500 for each teen parent that gives birth before 18 years of age (, 2015). That is why through this study, "Effectiveness of the "baby think it over" teen pregnancy prevention program", it is vital to understand the mindset of teen's interest in sexual activities during this stage of growth (Somers & Fahlman, 2001). To further explain that the article completed be Cheryl L. Somers, and Mariane M. Fahlman is being researched in the process and not the ...view middle of the document...

The study conducted by two professors of Wayne State University who submitted the article to Journal of School Health (Somers & Fahlman, 2001). Prevention programs were researched without exact citations throughout the article and consist of 23 reference information for the research process. Likewise extending information to its peers for further studies in prevention processes.
Ethical Considerations
High school students that volunteered with the informal parental consent and adolescent consent (Somers & Fahlman, 2001). The study was pre-approve the University institutional review board. In additional to ethical considerations participants in were involved in experimental groups and control groups (Somers & Fahlman, 2001). The study consist of an experimental group of 151 and control groups of 63 high school students (Somers & Fahlman, 2001). The groups consist of white teens with the average age of 16.2 years old in a localized area of a Midwestern city (Somers & Fahlman, 2001). For the most part, parents had no direct involvement in studies, but through providing the consent was important to have for involvement of teens (Somers & Fahlman, 2001). Some teens were involved and did not want to provide their gender 9separate the thoughts and opinion of male vs. female (Somers & Fahlman, 2001).
Statistical Analysis
As illustrated in the methods section of the article, a pre-test and post-test was conducted using the measures such as attitudinal subscales and alpha levels (Somers & Fahlman, 2001). The attitudinal measure the attitudes of the teens on the topic related to sexual behavior thought the process in decision situation related to sex (Somers & Fahlman, 2001). The pre and post designs, the process by use of the Liker-type (Somers & Fahlman, 2001). Likert-type is referred to as the "The difference between these two concepts has to do with the distinction Likert made between the underlying phenomenon being investigated and the means of capturing variation that points to the underlying phenomenon (Definitions, 2015, p.1)". These questioners are processed through the SKAT-A (Sex Knowledge and Attitude Test for Adolescents) using six items of sexual communication on sexual intercourse and conceptive (Somers & Fahlman, 2001). To explain it differently of a process called Cronbach alpha which measure in the article as a five-point scale ranging from one as never to five as daily in measuring the sexual behaviors during the pre-test and post-test (Somers & Fahlman). For example review the data from the article below.
| Control | Experimental |
SubscaleSex/Pregnancy Plans | Means | SD | Means | SD |
Pretest | 25.71 | 26.36 | 64.20 | 47.94 |
Post-test | 22.30 |...

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