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Evaluate The Success Of The Smoking Ban Policy

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Currently in the UK, the government has used fiscal measures on cigarettes such as high tax – on a typical pack of 20 premium cigarettes, the total tax burden of £6.17 accounts for 77% of the recommended retail price of £7.98, the government over the years have been trying to lower the rate of smokers in the UK and according to ASH statistics, the rate of smoking has lowered for all ages since 1978 which may suggest that the government policies have been successful but to a certain extent.
The smoke-free law was introduced to protect the health of workers from the harmful effects of second-hand smoke. The biggest health impact has been a drop in heart attack emergency admissions. This is ...view middle of the document...

Tobacco companies are able to contribute largely to the UK economy and the policies will continue to decrease sales which will decrease the GDP for the UK, producing a multiplier effect where everyone is at a loss in an economic sense. Also tobacco firms are worried that these types of bans in western countries will set an example and influence other countries to do the same which would lead to a global decline in tobacco consumption. So it is possible that the smoking ban policy will reduce the supply of tobacco which will lead to less people smoking.
However this ban has not just affected people within the tobacco industry. Pubs have also suffered from the ban, with 175 million fewer pints sold in the nine months from July to last April as smokers have been driven outside. Total sales of alcohol fell 8%, compared to a steady 3% fall in previous years, just under half of which was attributable to the smoking ban. Sales also happened to fall 9.3% from November to January, this may have been because during the winter, smokers would have been more reluctant to stand outside in the cold to have a cigarette. So in this case the smoking ban will have reduced the amount of second hand smoke as there will be less people out in public smoking but at the same the fact that pubs and clubs will lose sales means that there will be an impact on the UK economy. But It can be argued that it is more important to protect people’s health than to protect businesses. Pubs and Clubs should adapt, for example by trying to earn more money from selling food.
More than two billion fewer cigarettes were smoked and 400,000 people quit the habit since the ban was introduced a year ago which researchers say will prevent 40,000 deaths over the next 10 years. Currently around 22% of the adult population smoke in Britain. The results show that the ban has influenced people to...

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