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The UK is allocated a total of 73 seats in the European Parliament[1] which means that we elect 73 of the members of the European Parliament’s (MEPs).

Since the electoral reforms of 1999, British MEPs are elected by the electoral system of Proportional Representation[2]. As you may already know, there are different variants of PR and the one used for the European elections is called the Regional Closed Party List System or simply Party List. The United Kingdom is split into 12 multi-member regions (9 English regions + Scotland, Wales and NI[3]). The English regions are London, East Midlands, West Midlands, Eastern, North East, North ...view middle of the document...

Each time a party gains a seat its original total of votes is divided by 1 + the number of seats they have won. For example, a party that polled 60,000 votes in a region and had gained 2 seats would then have its total readjusted to 60,000 divided by 3 - which equals 20,000. The next seat is then awarded to the party whose ‘total’ is now the highest. This process continues until the required number of representatives for the region is elected. If this is still confusing, ask me to explain again using the example of the London region results overleaf.

2009 RESULTS (turnout 34.7%,)

|Conservative |25 | |27.7 |
|Labour |13 | |15.7 |
|UK Independence |13 | |16.5 |
|Liberal Democrat |11 | |13.7 |
|Green Party |2 | |8.6 |
|Scottish Nat Party |2 | |2.1 |
|Plaid Cymru |1 | |1.0 |
|BNP |2 | |0.8 |
|TOTAL |69 |100.0 |100.0 |

2014 RESULTS (turnout 34.2%,)

|UKIP |24 | |27.5% |
|Labour |20 | |25.4% |
|Conservative |19 | |24% |
|Green |3 | |7.9% |
|SNP |2 | |2.5% |
|Lib Democrats |1 | |6.9% |
|Plaid Cymru |1 | ...

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