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Ethics Vs, Profit: An Exploration Of Accenture Development Partnership

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Accenture Development Partnerships (ADP) is a philanthropic arm of Accenture that supports an
innovative not-for-profit business model as a means to channel the core business capabilities of
Accenture to organizations in the international development sector. This article will give an
overview of the offering, a look inside the industry where large corporations choose ethics over
profit and will help the reader gain an understanding of what is necessary to successfully work
within this group.

Ethics vs, Profit: An Exploration of Accenture Development Partnership

My goal is clear; it has been for roughly five years now. When I ...view middle of the document...

Each day is a new learning experience, I look forward to becoming a more integral part
of the NGO–corporate alliances that have been forming over the last several decades. I am
fascinated by watching the growing number of multi- national corporations tackle social issues.
The way they approach humanitarian issues is no different than the approach used in for-profit
scenarios. It is systematic, results driven, methodical, disciplined and proven. I have the
privilege of watching, from an internal perspective, as Accenture, again and again pulls ahead of

the competition in all aspects of our business. When I joined Accenture almost 5 years ago I had
less than 80,000 colleagues worldwide, that number today is almost 260,000 with a target to hire
an addition 70,000 resources in 2012. Can you name another company that has more than tripled
their work force in the recent economy? To the contrary, we are so often hearing about mass
layoffs and pay-cuts. In ADP, we have also grown in leaps and bounds, that growth is not
enjoyed only by the for-profit business side.

Accenture Development Partnerships is a group within Accenture designed to operate on a not for profit basis to channel Accenture’s strategic business, technology and project management expertise to non-profit organizations, NGOs, foundation and donor organizations operating in the development sector—helping these organizations achieve their social and economic development goals. ADP started as a corporate social enterprise in 2003 and as at May 2010 completed 330 projects for 74 non-profit clients, working across 58 developing countries, and deploying more than 700 Accenture employees. ADP’s major clients include: UNDP, UNICEF, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Oxfam, Plan International, WWF, CARE, Save the Children, International Red Cross, GAIN, and World Vision.
Accenture Development Partnerships was set up to deliver the same high level of innovation and best practice enjoyed by its commercial clients, but at rates in line with the development/NGO industry norm. There are three areas of focus within the services offer in ADP.
• Organizational Strengthening – the day to day administrative tasks necessary to run a successful organization are streamlines, functions are made more efficient, IT is utilized to improve practices
• Program Innovation – private-sector thinking is introduced to help develop microfinance focus and core competencies in technology
• Cross-Sectoral Partnerships – support to bridge the relationship between public, non-profit and private entities, helping them work together to address global challenges
The consultancy offered is on a not-for-profit basis; so the professional fees levied are designed to cover cost, not to generate profit. This is achieved through a three-way contribution comprising sponsorship from Accenture who provide consultants at marginal cost, free of profit and overhead; contribution from employees through...

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